BREAKING: GT Legends Rebirth Confirmed

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Hey @Paul Bennett

Well mate, you stole my thoughts !!!

We did an interview a while back, but it was really too early in the process to put it together and publish anything for you guys to read. Its been a fair bit since it was announced now, and I was literally just thinking to myself how I need to get back in touch with a few people whom I've not spoken to in a while.

So yeah, leave with me and I'll hit up Simon and see what he can share. Hopefully development is far enough along to make an interesting interview (not done one in a while so its about time eh :) ).

Watch this space... :D


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
Im so hoping @Paul Jeffrey that you can top my week even further with some news on GTL. Was this mentioned at your recent visit to Simbin. Are they looking at bringing it home or ok for it to be worked on out of shop per say..
When i read SimBim i only thought of the GTL remake and then wondered....

"Wait, GT2 gets a following title aswell? o.O"

I am more excited abut the GTL one, since the GT cars are present in most of the sims. Having lots of classic cars in a modern sim would be mouthwatering
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