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Tracks Balloons and Billboards and Helicopters for Bernese Alps Dec 2019

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Card-carrying mod whore
Mascot submitted a new resource:

Balloons and Billboards for Bernese Alps - For the update by Nobody, found on GTP and the shader discord.

Balloons with slightly randomised positioning and movement, and ten sets of billboard skins.

Unzip and drop the contents of 'alps' into the track's main folder.
Overwrite when prompted.

Thanks to Nobody for updating the track.

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Card-carrying mod whore
It's nice that the flags now ripple in the wind but is anyone else getting this weird double flag thing with the latest CM/shader patch update? Any idea what's causing it? I'm guessing it might be one of the new CPU/GPU optimisations.



Card-carrying mod whore
Downloaders, please note: I think a CSP update at some point has borked the choppers. There's a newer and improved version of this track from Nobody which has updated chopper files (with lights, too), although they still need some additional work on placements/rotations for the various ribbons. The wrong chopper files were unfortunately uploaded, but that should be fixed soon. It's still an improvement on this version though. I obviously can't link to the updated track here on RD, but it's on Legion's blog and also posted on GTP in the PC AC Mods thread. Seek and ye shall find. Please don't PM me about it. Thanks.


Card-carrying mod whore
Mascot updated Balloons and Billboards and Helicopters for Bernese Alps with a new update entry:

Major overhaul of animated helicopters, balloons, billboards and blimps

This overhaul is for the v1.8 version of Bernese Alps, as the previous resource was no longer working properly. For variety, helicopter positions, rotations and model types have now been tailored individually for all six track layouts. New balloons models and configs have had similar treatment, and there's a new 'Bernese Alps' blimp (thanks again to Tberg for the model).

You'll need the track which you can get from Legion's blog, F1 Classic forums or from the shader patch discord. I'm not...

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