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PC2 B2B Software Project CARS PRO Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Project CARS PRO.jpg

Exclusively for the business-to-business environment, Slightly Mad Studios have confirmed the release of Project CARS PRO.

Developed as a professional and events entertainment piece of software, based on the Project CARS 2 racing game, PCARS PRO has been "designed from the ground-up" to suit the needs of the ever growing location-based entertainment centres and events industry.

“We spent a lot of time listening and talking to our partners and clients before we built Project CARS Pro,” said Stephen Viljoen, COO at Slightly Mad Studios. “What we came away with was a keen sense of what they needed from a professional software product, and we went ahead and built Project CARS Pro around those exact needs.”

“Project CARS Pro is really a game-changer in the LBE space,” added Viljoen. “Aside from all the best-in-class technology and gameplay and content, the product will free venue operators from having to spend their time running the software and allow them to focus on what matters most—their customers. And as we know, satisfied customers is one of the key ingredients to successful LBE venues.”
Featuring many of the cars and tracks that make up the Project CARS game franchise, this new version will be exclusively available for business use rather than on home PC and consoles... so you will have to hang tight a little longer for the in-development Project CARS 3...

Project CARS PRO Features:
  • Extensive cars and tracks offer a wide and varied choice for operators and clients.
  • Best-in-class car handling, physics, and graphics.
  • Customizable content to suit all customer tastes, experience- and skill levels.
  • Manage session duration with ease.
  • Customizable settings for weather, seasons, driver assists, and time of day.
  • Convenient scale-up from a single pod solution to multiple pods.
  • LAN multiplayer for venues with multiple pod availability.
  • All major steering wheels supported, including direct drive.
  • Motion seat platforms support.
  • Triple-screen support.
  • Retail and commercial VR headset support: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed-Reality, OpenVR, and more.
  • Optional: ‘Command Station’ and events management software for tournaments.
  • Optional: Third-party apps support, venue management systems, telemetry software, cashless payments software, and more.
  • Optional: Custom UI branding and in-game trackside advertising.
  • Race weekend format.
  • Driver assists.
  • Race rules.
  • Weather, time-of-day, and all 4 seasons.
  • Standings and scoring.
  • And more…

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M D Gourley

The 'Project Cars Pro Feature' list looks to me personally like the almost perfect Sim, so I wonder if Reiza Studios have any input on the handling / physics side as SMS have nailed the graphics side on PCpro and PC3...if so these could be winners, and I personally would look forward to PC3 and AMS2.
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business for rich pro,nice simulation, was not also kuno the porshe simulator?

we have championship, who will put the patient in the center

esport, get you rich rig ready boy you could becomme millionnairs

ps i edited the bold
I suppose this is not for teams in professional race sports but rather for event / amusement sites like Disney Land or bars or clubs or venues at racetracks or portable venues at markets etc. So, their brilliant graphics and the ability to scale it down to beginner level will probably make this a good choice.
So regular mortals didn't deserve best in class physics and all that stuff pc2 should/could've been, but fat companies do. Interesting way to thank the community for crowdfunding 2 of your titles, based on which now you take aim at companies' pockets. Ian Bell in a nutshell.
Apparently we didn't deserve a finished ACC either. Yet everyone seems ok with it.
I'm very thankful for Project CARS 2. My scathing review on Steam is still the text I've got the most positive feedback on in my whole life.