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dreamer al

Dec 22, 2016
Yeah of course, why bother actually proving that you had a point, great

Maybe you have a deathwish, but I wouldn't drive even into work, using a gamepad. I wouldn't even park at the mall, with a gamepad. When you get into racing speeds territory, driving on the limit, where tyres actually may lock or slip and you don't constantly have full traction (as you would when driving to work) yet you get zero information if your tyres are slipping or not... good riddance

Of course you would feel G-forces, and that would help some, but in sims you don't feel even that. All you get is the FFB from the wheel. Some people are quick with keyboards and gamepads, because they memorized the lines, braking points etc. and drive 100% from visual memory. But what if something goes wrong, like entering aquaplaning, they will feel nothing through their buttons to warn them. Sounds super safe

And what kind of assists are helping them to achieve those laptimes?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason cars in AMS (or hardcore sims in general) are controllable with gamepad or keyboard, is because there is fake assists that will be enabled, that are not there for a wheel. And would not be there in a real car. Not because it's "just as good" control method.

In ACC for example, the gamepad magic is super obvious in replays from what I recall. If gamepads were somehow "implemented" into IRL cars, you would have none of that
Mate!!! It's a game.Get over yourself ;)


Aug 18, 2015
Mate!!! It's a game.Get over yourself ;)
Again, no argument from you... I don't even play games at the moment, I uninstalled everything because IRL is taking my time (and ssd space) at the moment

I just find it a bit annoying when I log into RD once a week, and there's someone basically (between the lines) calling me an idiot who is too dumb to be worth talking to. But yeah I'll get over myself, until next week then
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David Peres

Aug 18, 2017
How do people that don't use the Fanatec Podium Crushinator module even drive with no sense of real danger?
I have one and it sucks. Just did a race with it and had an accident that was clearly supposed to end up braking both my legs but the Fanatec Crushinator broke my left arm instead. Piece of junk. I'd wait for Accuforce to release their own simcrusher next year.
Sep 6, 2017
After this update I had insane shaking in my DD1, posted up on their facebook and got immediate help, the way LFB works was changed and for direct drive wheels should not need to on anything above 10. As you increase LFB slider you eventually start getting oscillation in the wheel, for me at anything above 10. I use these settings below and quite happy with them, really great for the open wheelers, can be a tad to hard on some of the older cars though, dial back FF from the wheel if required.
Thank you very much mate, for sharing your settings und experiences. I really appreciate that. Tonight i give it a try. Have a nice weekend!
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RMG Motorsports
Sep 28, 2009
If gamepads were somehow "implemented" into IRL cars, you would have none of that
Actually you would, because if a gamepad-esque control method is ever adapted for use on real road cars, the systems to handle it would be added too.

You ever see footage of the military using XBox 360 pads to fly drones remotely? The only way they can do that with such a ridiculously short and imprecise range of movement is because of computer assistance. You could quite easily do the same kind of thing with cars, mostly using technology which already exists and is in use. Limit inputs to a reasonable and safe level, stability control to keep things on an even keel. TC / ABS, etc etc. It's really not that hard, We already have cars that can drive themselves on public roads, so we can certainly make some that aid the a human occupant drive with a control pad.

I'm not saying it should happen, but there's nothing stopping it either.


May 7, 2020
Reiza listens to the community because Reiza is community ...;)
Thanks for the fixes to the patch. In general I love it, although for my taste the AI is still a bit crazy. It makes small abrupt steering corrections that are not natural, right?
That is a nice way to say that this fantastic sim still has some terrible AI. It is like they hunt you down to take you out. Combine that with a slight bump puts you into the wall (while they stay sure footed), and it can make for some frustrating single player play. I am not sure Reiza hasn't gone backward with the AI as of late. Note to still cannot occupy the same space as me, however, you are very persistent in your pursuit to do so.
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May 7, 2020
Uhm, I step back from AMS2 (v1.0.5.1) after this two experiences. Waiting for other patches, unfortunately.

LOL. Top one is still way too common. The bouncing is still an issue, but guessing they will get that fixed soon. Starting to wonder on the AI as that behavior has been going on for a long time now, and still continues.

Tarmac Terrorist

Paul McCaffrey
Mar 22, 2017
Anyone tried deleting the documents folder, i know its not been suggested for this last update but, was wondering is it improves FFB?


Nov 1, 2015
i havent delete it since like 2 or 3 updates and FFB rocks
csl elite ps4 user here
amazing feel
congrats Reiza