Automobilista 2 | New Hotfix Available

Reiza Studios have deployed a new hotfix update for Automobilista 2 - adding a number of fixes and improvements to the simulation.

Hotfix update time for Automobilista 2 players... a new build is now available to download for the PC racing simulation, and with it comes a nice collection of updates that include yet further enhancements to the AI behaviour, some changes to various cars and most importantly of all - a reduction in the 'bumpiness' experienced by many players with the new Porsche content within the game.

Hotfix Update Notes:
  • Small improvements to the logic of AI to avoid invading of human line on straights when far from curves
  • Fixed non-linear bumpstop code
  • Revised suspension for Porsches
  • Revised Mclaren 720S GT3 aero, brakes & drivetrain
  • Revised Mclaren 570S aero & brakes
  • Revised GT3 / Prototype tire tread for slightly more longitudinal slip
  • Corrected Mclaren 720S stats & onboard cameras
  • Updated volumes of all Porsche GT3 / Cup cars and minor improvements to GT3-R sound set
  • Nurburgring: Smoothed harsh road bumps along the pit lane entrance; conform some overlay mainly in pit lane region (road line, kerb verge, grass verge, road seam) fixed some tyrewall Z fighting & some object LOD popping; reorganized bollard/cone for Veedol chicane layout; Minor Art pass
  • Goania: Minor art pass

Original Source: Reiza Studios.

AMS 2 is available now, exclusive to PC.

The AMS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment is a great place to hang out and discuss the simulation with your fellow sim racing fans. Head over, say hello and come join in the action - start a new thread today!

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Apr 24, 2013
Interesting how "glued" GT3s are into surface against Stock Cars. Incredible.
Is there any Copa Truck guy? Would have few simple questions. Thank you :)


May 28, 2010
Reiza listens to the community because Reiza is community ...;)
Thanks for the fixes to the patch. In general I love it, although for my taste the AI is still a bit crazy. It makes small abrupt steering corrections that are not natural, right?