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Automobilista 2 | Latest Update Adds Hot Cars Series


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Aug 27, 2017
I already tried the new default profile the evening the patch was released, but it didn't do much for me. It just feels numb, quite frankly. Sure there's weight when cornering and I can feel weight transfer, but road feel, bumps, curbs, and scrub? Pretty much sod all. In my humble opinion the FFB has gone backwards, not forwards. I really rated it a few weeks ago, but not now. At least, not using Reiza's settings.

Instead I'm using a custom profile which feels very, very good at the moment. Weight transfer, road feel, curbs, bumps, scrub on both front and rear tyres and wheel locking... all come through loud and clear. Still needs a little tweaking, but for me it blows the default FFB out of the water.

All they've said is that they're using a "range" of wheels. So that could be anything from two different models to every wheel out there. However, my bet is that the range is rather small.
I was having similar issues, but with these settings now at least it has filled in the road feel, bumps and curbs. I probably would like a bit more scrub however so i am not saying what they have is perfect (on a t300 with these settings) just yet. I'd be interested in testing your custom profile out to see the difference.

Yeh, I have seen they have used a TS-PC and provided some settings they have tested with, but no metion of a T30.0.


Feb 17, 2020
I've found a little gem with Super Karts at Cadwell Park! This would be heaps of fun online. Previously one of my most hated tracks, now a favourite. When does RaceDepartment plan on adding AMS2 to the Race Calendar? I'll probably buy a membership when you do.