Automobilista 2 | Hotfix Update V1.0.2.2 Now Live

Reiza Studios have deployed a further hotfix update for Automobilista 2 - adding new content and various changes to the simulation.
  • Silverstone 1975 'No Chicane' layout added.
  • Silverstone 2001 National and International layouts added.
  • Further Championship UI design Improvements.

A fresh round of improvements and changes have been released for Automobilista 2 today, as the Brazilian Reiza Studios development team remain hard at work refining and updating their new racing simulation. The new build is a minor hotfix update, however that doesn't stop it from being packed with content with no less than three new Silverstone layouts having been released - the title now including both National and International configurations for the pre-Silverstone Wing version of the circuit, as well as a 'no chicane' version of the 1975 Grand Prix setup.

In terms of the simulation itself, the update today is notable for some further improvements around the current WIP Championship mode - with what Reiza are describing as 'initial updates' to the UI design around this feature. Also notable are a couple of driver animation adjustments for both tin top and open wheel content, plus various art pass improvements on the many varied new Silverstone versions.

AMS 2 Middle.jpg

You can check out the full update notes below:

  • Added Silverstone 1975 "No Chicane" layout
  • Added Silverstone 2001 National & International layouts
  • Silverstone 1991: added missing physical tyre barriers, smoothed segments of curb steps vs surrounding terrain to minimise chances of cars launching over it; added missing start light gantry,
  • Silverstone 2001: added start light gantry
  • Silverstone 2020: minor art pass, added missing brake markers
  • Initial updades to Championship UI design
  • Temporarily disabled time acceleration mid-session (may trigger physics issues) until such are resolved
  • Adjusted driver animations for Brabham BT26A
  • Adjusted driver animations for Ultma GTR Race

The new build should be available to download the next time you restart your Steam client.

Automobilista 2 is available now, exclusively on PC.

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Jul 9, 2020
Anyone who is out of a job because of Covid-19 and is looking for gainful employment, I have an open position for "Senior Configuration and Folder Engineer". This position has the responsibilities of constantly monitoring and implementing changes to the Automobilista 2 Folder and Interface. This is a growing responsibility and pays well. :whistling:

M D Gourley

Sep 17, 2015
I wish the VR replays looked that good.
The replays on my Triple Screen set up using 'Trackside or other views rarely look like those screen shots as well, I have to go hunting for them :geek:...generally in 'Chase' view / see a possible screenshot during replay where the lighting is just right / pause / Photo Mode / Drone Camera / move free camera around to various positions looking for that magical image with stunning lighting. :inlove:...and all screen shots are just a split second snapshot in time and usually missed during replay if not looking for them :geek::)
Sometimes from a 3 lap race which may last 3 - 6 mins depending on Track, I may spend 1-3 or more hours looking / composing screen shots :confused::rolleyes::redface::roflmao:

...back on topic...Reiza's AMS2 is just awesome :cool::thumbsup::inlove:
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