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Automobilista 2 | Hockenheim DLC Preview Images Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Fresh off the back of announcing their first DLC for Automobilista 2, Reiza Studios have dropped a couple of new images from the upcoming new track.
  • Hockenheim first DLC releasing end of month.
  • Includes modern and historic layouts.
  • Will be free to all users who have purchased the base game before it's release.

The gift that keeps on giving - Reiza Studios recently revealed Hockenheim would be the first DLC to hit the simulation later this month, and as well as the current, shortened layout of the circuit, the DLC is also set to include historic variants that very offers very different experiences to the current Grand Prix configuration.

As an added bonus, the track will be giving to existing owners of AMS 2 for no extra cost (and to those that buy the game prior to DLC release date) - how good is that?

While we await release, check out these nice new screenshots of the track, provided by Reiza Studios:

AMS 2 Hockenheim 2.jpg
AMS 2 Hockenheim 1.jpg

Original Source: Reiza Studios Facebook.

Automobilista 2 is available now, exclusively on PC.

Got questions? Have answers? Want to chat about AMS 2 and don't know where to go? Worry not my friend, we have just the place for you! The Automobilista 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment welcomes you with open arms - come say hello!

AMS 2 Hockenheim footer.jpg
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The previous post on this says that it's free to current owners. This one says that it's free to people that bought in early access? I think I got it the day it went live as I wasnt following much. It was mostly a support thing but I have put a few hours in it since then. Can't say I am prepared to spend DLC so early after release. Thats not a comment on it's cost though, dont know what it will be.

EDit. OK, just watched first part of vid attached, it is free for current owners until the time it comes out, not just for early access people. The part that confused me was
  • Will be free to all users who have purchased the base game before it's release.
Its now obvious that means before the dlc release, not ams2's release.
It's definitely the tyres, I'm afraid. They're super-deformed in those shots. But before we derail the thread crying foul too loudly, let's look at some real shots. I'm sure a longer search can turn up better ones than these examples:
Nice shots, but they don't really show much of the deformation.You're absolutely right, there are a TON of photos highlighting tire deformation on the internet, and i don't see THAT level of deformation in ANY of them. These two shots highlight the lean angle of a soft suspension setup (or one that is under huge load). All i see in those AMS2 screenshots are tires that look deflated, just like they do in PCars 2. Always, no matter the pressure.
I'm not trying to derail the thread. I'm just pointing out the obvious. I'm being objective. It's the first thing that drew my attention,and it proves that AMS2 and PCars 2 are much more similar than most Reiza fanboys would like to believe. So stop hating on PCars, or start hating on AMS2 as well. That's all. Peace.

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
All i see in those AMS2 screenshots are tires that look deflated, just like they do in PCars 2. Always, no matter the pressure.
Both title share the graphic engine, so it would surprising that they look very different. The code developed by Reiza to provide physic and FFB is very different from the code used by SMS in PCars2, which was also very different from PCars. So, despite sharing a same engine, they drive and fell very different.

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Man these sims and messed up looking tires are just destroying my overall experience!

AMS2 has deflated tires
ACC has floating tires

What is annoying is the term fanboy, it just reminds me of something my 8yr old would say in an attempt to insult someone.
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Nick Hill

I don't have the patience to do the Google research to see if the visual tire deformation effect is good, bad, or indifferent...all I know is AMS2 feels really good to me, but I wouldn't touch PC2 with a 10 ft pole. As far as my tastes and priorities are concerned, they may as well be two different games.