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Automobilista 2 | Hockenheim DLC Preview Images Released

Gordie Gunn

I wonder what the price will be for non EA players, especially since you can currently buy a $100 "season pass." How many dlcs are there going to be?
Perhaps it would be prudent to check Steam...

EDIT - If you already have the game Hockenheim is free.
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It's not only the visual aspect of tires.
AMS2 gives me a strong sensation that all cars are actually one car with different grip and suspensions stiffness.
I know, I can't explain it better.
But I'm confident.


It'd actually be harder to write them separately than just have the graphics rely on the physics....that is, if this kind of deformation is even simulated (might not be - most sims only bother with vertical). If it is, the deformation values are getting stored in the physics anyway (vertical is in any case), might as well use them instead of writing another set of code for it that uses most of the same parameters.

So I agree with others, tires look very odd and it's probably a physics thing.

It would be a mistake to infer physics realism from the visual animation of tire deformation. It's almost certain they're not one and the same, that would just make things difficult, so it's likely the animation is just a good enough approximation of the calculations.

Which is to say it may indeed look weird and still not accurately represent the physics or how it feels at the wheel.
Perhaps it would be prudent to check Steam...

EDIT - If you already have the game Hockenheim is free.
yeah thanks, I don't remember seeing prices the last time I looked at it on steam, and yes I realize it's free for EA buyers (I'm one of them)

I was more just sort of pondering the business model they have laid out for the game. It seems odd to me.
Keep in mind a lot of car doens't have suspension animation include the Formula Ultima so the rim stay in the same place whatever happen so the effect can be increase, on this picture the tyre clip through the ground.

But i also agree tyre in ams2 are super soft and bouncy this is why i always happy to see a "Stiffened tyre sidewalls" in their patchnote.

Hope the best for Reiza, that they learn to work with the madness engine, fix all bugs and polish to bring ams2 to a v1 state, because i love their content but right now its hard when look and see what you lost and gain compare to ams1.

I think i not the only one with this feeling when you see ams1 with almost 2X more player and ams 2 who spike only on release but drop to is level few day after.
Sorry to say, but that's incorrect. I'm a big fan of Reiza's work and I love
AMS 1, which is to me still the second best Sim after rFactor 2, but AMS 2
tracks detailing are inferior to ACC's. With time perhaps they get there,
but not yet.

I respect your opinion, but am still think that ams2 tracks are better, more clean and detailed and the trees are much better, but i agree that ACC has nice tracks too. its just my opinion.

Brands Hatch are really good here, and a play in medium graphics