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Featured Automobilista 2 Development Roadmap

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    AMS 2 Development Roadmap.jpg
    Just prior to arriving at the Sim Racing Expo, Reiza Studios released their latest 'Development Roadmap' for AMS 1 and 2...

    This month, high achieving Brazilian sim racing development team Reiza Studios took to the internet to share some of their latest news about the ongoing development of new game Automobilista 2, and give a little look at the upcoming final update for their original Automobilista Motorsport Simulator title.

    AMS 1 Update 1.png

    Our long overdue final AMS update is finally ready - those of you with access to AMS Beta can already enjoy v1.5.2, which among other things includes the two final DLC tracks - Donington Park and Snetterton, each selling for US$ 5.99 but free to those who already own the AMS Season Pass or Reiza backers on any current or past campaigns.

    AMS 1 Update 2.png

    Unfortunately the DLCs didn´t get submitted for review in time for Steam to greenlight it before the weekend, so release will remain on hold until Monday when it should finally be deployed.

    Both Donington Park and Snetterton have been modelled with the aid of LIDAR data and represent some of our finest work. They also bring our roster of british tracks up to a total of 5, all of which carry over to AMS2 and serve as a baseline for further very interesting brit-centric series... But we´ll get to that later :)

    AMS 1 Update c.jpg

    In addition to the two brand new tracks, the final AMS1 update packs some extra values with some bug fixes and an extensive update to controller support, with wheels from all 3 main manufacturers receiving attention - highlights include support for the newer Fanatec Podium DD wheels and for a bunch of features from the latest Fanatec models. AMS v1.5.2 allows Logitech G29 - G920 owners to run the game from its main branch, no longer requiring a separate branch.

    While another hotfix for minor glitches that pop up post-release is likely, by and large this update marks curtains finally coming down for Automobilista, almost exactly 3 years after its v1.0 release back in August 2016. Automobilista exceeded our expectations in every way and opened doors for us to take bigger steps in the future, and for that we´re very thankful - but it´s the fact many of our fellow sim racers remain so engaged with it is what is most rewarding for us. We hope v1.5.2 is a proper send-off it and that people continue to enjoy it for a while longer!

    rF2 Bundle Update

    The update for the rF2 Bundle is likewise wrapped for release but on hold for a few more days until S397 has a window to review and prep them for deployment. These cover mostly fixes for minor bugs reported since our last update a couple of months ago.

    E Stock

    Over the course of August Reiza together with Stock Car Brasil promoted the very first E-Stock competition - the first official E-Sports event for the main brazilian motorsports series.

    The event consisted of a week-long Time Trial from which 10 top drivers earned a sit to a single multiplayer race along real drivers and other invitees, with the top prize for the winner being an Extreme P1 Seat. Due to logistics the event was restricted to Brazilians only, but it still proved an intense battle with top 30 in Time Trial covered by less than 1s, and the race itself a fierce battle between Gustavo Ariel and Bruno Fernandes, with the latter eventually coming out on top. The full race was streamed from the official series Youtube channel as per the link above.

    There is a lot of buzz for E-Motorsports lately and other series besides Stock Car are looking to explore this further to create venues for sim drivers to make the jump into the real series. Expect these to become regular fixtures next year with Automobilista 2.

    Automobilista 2 - the new & improved Formula Classic
    AMS 2 Formula Classic.png

    You may recall from the AMS2 intro trailer that we already have a few historical Mclaren F1 cars lined up for release in AMS 2 (a lot more to come on that front) - as exciting as it is to be bringing those great classics back to life in AMS2, we find it´s important to give them some proper competition to race against.

    Enters the new, improved and substantially expanded F-Classic series, going from one single model from AMS1 to a total of six, fully scratch built models, spread over 3 generations covering different regulations and engines ranging from massive 1400 BHP monters, to glorious sounding V10 and V12 3.5l with everything in between.

    AMS 2 Formula Classic b.jpg

    This means teams will have unique performance and handling providing a lot more variety and very real challenges within these fictional series. Other fictional series from AMS1 will receive similar treatment for AMS2.

    Updating car and track assets for AMS2

    With AMS1 being limited by its 32bit architecture and some of its cars and tracks showing its age, porting them over to the Madness engine is far from a copy&paste move - all cars and tracks from AMS1 in fact need substantial rework to be suitable for the new engine, and with AMS1 featuring a roster of over 50 unique tracks and over 40 vehicle models, upgrading and exporting most of these into the new engine is by itself a project of massive scale. To the team´s credit we are not only managing it within schedule, but doing so parallel to development of new cars and tracks.

    AMS 2 comparison b.jpg

    We spent a good chunk of August focusing on doing these updates, ranging from creating new trackside objects, upscaling models and remapping textures to a complete top-to-bottom overhaul, to outright remodelling them from scratch in the case of the most dated assets.

    AMS 2 Formula Ultimate Cockpit a.jpg

    The upgrades while considerable may still alow sharper eyes to tell which are not quite to the same level of the fully scratch-made models, but they should hopefully be enough to reduce the difference to almost negligible, ensuring we retain a consistency across all cars and tracks, which is crucial on several levels.

    AMS comparison c.jpg

    As in previous updates we´ve dedicated a lot of space to presenting how we have been going about upgrading old content and bridging the gaps from one engine to another - this has obviously been a big part of AMS2 development so far, in order to ensure it´s a natural progression from AMS1.

    AMS formula car b.jpg

    This however will be it for talking about the familiar stuff - from next month onwards we´ll start presenting a bit more about what´s fresh incoming with Automobilista 2 - features, physics and of course, some of the new cars and tracks that will come on initial release and beyond - those taking part in the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign can be assured the funding boost is being put to good use :)

    Sorry for the late posting, this originally came out while we were over in Germany for the recent Sim Racing Expo - better late than never I suppose..

    Automobilista 2 will release for PC December 2019.

    For the latest Automobilista 2 news and discussions, head over to the AMS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and get yourself involved in the conversation today!

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  2. G_B


    Thanks to take the time to read and share news after the sim expo. You need help in order to sleep a little^^. (You want to finish the 24h of Le Mans without swap of driver Drink the new bottle of energy of P.Jeffrey, the racing news man).

    I waiting official news not about the development but on why i need to buy Automobilista 2. Actually, i read more mention about the engine upgrade and the copy past of the majority of the AMS1 content but if i'm new in the Iracing and i have few money, why to pay a full price game when you can obtain older product with 80% of the content.

    Renato, i need to have simple word, advert to promote your game to my son. If i fail... it's a shame for me :/ and if i win, i buy the brezilian car of your choice, finally in reduced model :)
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  3. F_B


    Those Formula Classic cars... :inlove:
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  4. bigmike892


    im hyped for the game but im also not sure cause one ot the things i love about the first was the mods and with them using the project cars 2 engine i think that eliminates modding except for like skins i think
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  5. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins

    Wait until November/December after the initial feedback from the beta is available from trusted sources here and elsewhere. Then you can decide if it is worth the price.
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  6. Andy-R


    Not any teased cars that do it for me yet, well maybe the M1 as long as it is the Procar and not the crazy Group 5 version.
  7. Jonathan Young

    Jonathan Young

    Great update from our Brazilian friends! Color me very hyped indeed for AMS2 - the screenshots all looked fantastic (I know it's pretty easy to make screenshots look their best, but nevertheless, I'll remain optimistic) and I Iike all of the British track content that will make its way over. This could be a real winner - very much looking forward to the release!
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  8. zi99y


    I really hope AMS2 will have the ability to load custom liveries, names etc. to make each series more true to life.
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  9. EduCalza


    Dear december.
    Please come more quicker, please, please.

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  10. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

    Keep up the good work, Reiza. Looking forward to this one!
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  11. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris

    Btcc? Could it be?
  12. numbersevenhull


    Tracks I'll certainly miss, but we don't know what circuits the game will have yet, or what their DLC roadmaps might be. I'd be delighted if we could get skins(likely) and talent files(?) in though, that's where I got the most use out of AMS car modding turning all those formula cars into F1 seasons (oh and SuperV8's)

    Updates are looking good though, vehicle modelling looking outstanding if that's the standard they have set. And that cockpit for a VR user :):):)
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
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  13. Jason Mullin

    Jason Mullin

    Love it, just looks so clean and I know my PC can run it really looking forward to this Christmas.
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  14. Martin Fiala

    Martin Fiala

    You're talking about the same car. The M1 Procar Championship was using the Group 4 M1, originally developed as a Group 5 car but finalized as Group 4 due to the Group 5 requirements changing before the car was finished.
  15. Tar Heel

    Tar Heel

    You're not reading the update if you think it is just a simple copy and paste of AMS content to AMS2. It literally says they are expanding the Formula classic to more than just the single model in AMS for grid diversity.

    Also there is no reason to feel the need to buy the game now if you are on the fence. As others have said wait for reviews to make a decision.
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  16. Hor-hay


    Looking forward to this after the disappointment that was ACC.
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  17. BillGuy


    On a related note, is it just me or does the halo-equipped black/white/red "10 years" car look like it might be F-Ultimate with 2019(ish) aero on it?
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  18. magzire86


    That's already been comfirmed, no mods
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  19. AlleyViper


    Yes, the one in the trailer is the Gr.4. Andy-R was probably referring to the actually raced silhouette Gr.5 M1s which are completely different beasts. The Schnitzer BMW M1 Turbo or March M1 are examples.
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  20. shimon.ifraimov


    are this formula cars unlicensed cars?
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