Automobilista 2 | Build 1.0.6 Available Now

Reiza Studios have dropped a new build update for their Automobilista 2 racing simulation, adding two new and exciting pieces of content to the simulation.
  • BMW M6 GT3 added.
  • Ginetta G55 GT4 Added.
  • Physics and AI improvements.

Another impressive collection of updates and improvements have come the way of Automobilista 2 fans recently, with build update 1.0.6 of the simulation having dropped on Steam - and with it has come new content for good measure, in the form of the BMW M6 GT3 and Ginetta G55 GT4 cars - further expanding these popular classes within the title.

To be fair, AMS 2 is currently already rather rich in content, so perhaps the most interesting aspect of this build release is yet further refinements to the AI and physics within the title - two areas where it would be fair to say Reiza Studios need to apply the most polish, so hopefully this new build represents yet another step in the right direction for the popular Brazilian development team.

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AMS 2 V1.0.6 Update Notes:


  • Added BMW M6 to GT3 class
  • Added Ginetta G55 to GT4 class
  • Fixed issue where too much chat history was played back in some instances
  • Seat adjustment input is now continuous (hold to move)
  • Adjusted various background image anchors to improve display on 16:10 and triple screen
Physics & AI
  • Slightly increased longitudinal slip in Cup / Stock 2020 / Proto P3-P4 tires
  • Stiffened sidewalls for GT / Stock / Proto tires
  • Revised default tyre pressures & ranges for all cars (closer to optimal and / or as per real series regulations – requires setup reset to default)
  • Adjusted default steering lock / ratio for GT3 / GT4 cars to more accurate values (requires setup reset)
  • Revised Balance of Performance for GT3 / GT4 class
  • Revised brakes for GT3/GT4 cars
  • Corrected tyre tread width for Porsche Cayman Clubsport (265mm front / 305 mm rear), Porsche 997 3.8 Cup (275mm / 315mm)
  • Revised Porsche Cup aero, adjusted default roll bars
  • Reduced front splitter downforce dropoff with yaw in all GT/ Stock Cars
  • Fixed missing wet tire compound for Camaro GT4R
  • Adjusted Camaro GT4R suspension
  • Adjusted Copa Montana center of gravity height
  • Revised Procar, Group A, Ultima Race baseline damper rates
  • Fixed Ultima race front left, rear right fast damper ranges incorrectly available
  • Improved rear efficiency, reduced Group A rear brake torque
  • Adjusted FFB max force for F-Vee, Procar, Mini, Stock Car 2020, GT3, GT4 cars
  • Callibrated tire temperature color display range (correcting errors with some tires not displaying correct colors for optimal / overheat tires)
  • Adjusted rear wing efficiency for Stock2020, Montana
  • Further smoothing out of AI lateral transitions to reduce jerkiness/weaving/abrupt lane changes
  • Added logic to prevent AI slowing on track after returning from partially outside track limits
  • Added logic for AI to be more reactive and switch switch behaviors more often
  • Initial steps to reduce the impact of small Front-to-Rear collisions between AI (as seen at race starts especially with vehicles of differing performance)
  • Reduced range of AI variation from ideal racing line
  • GT3, Porsche Cup, P4, P3, P2, F3 callibration pass
  • Minor AI aggression scalar adjustment for GT cars
  • Further wet weather callibration passes for all GT / Stock / Proto cars
  • Adjusted Mclaren 720s tire skid volume
  • Lowered tranny whine given enigne sounds feature them prominently
  • Nurburgring: Various fixes for LODding / Z-Fighting issues; Corrected a few trackside ads;
  • Added proper groove to 24hr layout; trimmed roadverge excess polys; Various crowd corrections; Various texture updates; further correction to trackside shimmering cameras; minor optimization pass
  • Kyalami: New AIW pit lane path (fix AI hitting pit wall when leaving pit box, improved merge to the main path at T1); Relax track cut limits on some runoff areas; Minor performance, art pass & LOD fixes
  • Interlagos: Fixed floating pit box lines
  • Campo / Curvelo: Adjusted flag LOD range
  • Montreal Historic: added missing HUD map
  • Porsche Cayman GT4 – Fixed red cockpit material issue
  • Fixed lights for Fusca (all variants) + wiper UV mapping fix (HC1/HC2)
  • Adjusted brake glow ranges for carbon brakes (player & AI)
  • Camaro GT4R: Fixed missing RPM LEDs

Original Source: Reiza Studios.

AMS 2 is available now, exclusive to PC.

Check out the AMS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for a great community resource to help you maximise your experience within the simulation.

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Dec 2, 2019
Yeah, well that's all good but ONLY 27cars on a 24hrs race? Oh and,...i can not believe i am the only one to bring up this fact; Whoever was in charge of creating the nighttime scenario at the Nordschleife needs actually go to a VLN at night and look at all of the colors and lights and fire and electricity in the air literally thousands of Euros of fireworks most of the night even in the rain it's a festive occasion with drunken debauchery Going On while The Cars drive by sometimes blowing by at 140 miles an hour just the other side of a chain link fence! At any rate ((you really screwed the pooch on this one)) this is not at even close ta what a VLN looks like at night might I suggest, a complete revamp of the LOD and Bitmaps, MASS files.
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Dec 29, 2018
All that's missing are the popcorns and add this option in-store. The game would sell by the million.
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Jun 6, 2015
Fells better now. I had two random races after the patch (Opala 79 at Classic Interlagos and 125cc Karts at Tatuapé) and the AI was very Ok in the first race, but still cranck with karts.

The new cars fell very ok (gameplay was never an issue with AMS2, IMHO) and I didn't see any change at Nordscleife or any other track. All vehicles used had their settings reseted.

But the game still need a lot of polishment. I fell that it still is much more important than add new content, but Reiza don't seems to care that much about.
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Oct 12, 2019
I don't like M6 at all. I tried the default and some custom ffb files but I just didn't like it.

In Raceroom I like to drive nearly everything but in AMS2 there's a few vehicles I'll never touch again. All personal choice though.

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
I mentioned it another thread that was confirmed by another member.
The M6 is experiencing audio distortion in the mid rpm range during shifting.

The new GT cars feel decent, tho I feel I still gotta play with my ffb settings.
Not sure if it's the physics, the base tunes or TC setting but running the same cars in ACC I find them pretty glued and planted exiting corners where in AMS I find the rear wiggles and kicks out more and takes multiple laps for the tires to heat up and feel comfortable pushing it more.

Things I want to see added in the future.
Ability to save FFB per car
A default reset button on all the menu option screens.
Ex. Audio, controller & graphics etc.

I would also love a list and confirmation of what hasn't been implemented in the engine that was in PC2
Like live rubbering carrying over to all sessions, does it wash away with x amount of rain, is dirt being carried onto the tracks when going off and coming back on.
Is the seta model fully running etc.
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Jul 9, 2020
The BMW M6 GT3 feels really weird. So far it seems to have no connection to the road at all. Granted I am comparing it with the M6 in PC2, ACC, AC and RF2. But I can't seem to control it. I will change FFB setting to see if that helps, but man, it was like floating in a balloon. I have be using the AMS2 stock cars at Interlagos and they seem fine. I was testing the M6 at Nurburgring, since all of the games have that track in common.

Maybe, they have some sorting out to do, but this car was late in the release so I expected it to be finished.


Jun 1, 2017
Two things have jumped out at me so far regarding the M6 (using essentially default settings):
1) Compared to the other GT3s it seems subject to power-on oversteer out of slower corners
2) It feels like it has distinctly more downforce at higher speeds than the other GT3s


Jun 30, 2011
ire and electricity in the air literally thousands of Euros of fireworks most of the night even in the rain it's a festive occasion with drunken debauchery Going On while The Cars drive by sometimes blowing by at 140 miles an hour just the other side of a chain link fence!
We finally found the most critical flaw of AMS2 - the lack of fireworks and drunk morons.


Jun 6, 2009
Flickering Nords is successfully banished. AI calming is noticeable. M6 drives fine, slightly on the slithery side, with more slip angle in the tire than I might credit a radial to have; that could be chalked up to tire temp just as easily as slip angle, though.

Adjustable angle for triple screens has disappeared, so triples are always distorted.
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Nov 3, 2015
always the same FFB problem...i have a very good FFB on rF2 (the must) ACC, iracing or R3E but ams2 impossible to have something good i don't understand...pcars syndrome?
Visit Reiza website / forum for Madness Engine UI Panel and FFB Settings files :thumbsup: (several - Silver raw worked best for me with DD2) can help with better FFB ( how much - which is a personal taste issue). Hope this helps :coffee:
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Jan 4, 2020
I noticed this while taking the porshe out on the ring, the whole track has flickering then dissapearing white lines, they are everywhere but most noticeable in this section. if you stop the car and go to photo mode it looks like mesh joins or like where a line has been painted over with black, may be intentional or bug? open clip full screen, you will see ~10 lines ahead of you, but they all flicker then dissapear and in fact there are only two. Unsure, but, damn distracting. Did not notice them on this track before. Hope it gets looked at in next release.

Outside of that, still loving it.

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Oct 15, 2010
Am happy with AMS 2 and little bit of patience is required these days.
But this title is embarrassing when it comes to online and for those that race online only updates and new features and new cars don't cut it any more.

80% of the time I end up switching it off because lobbys session has started and with 5 mins left you cant join , couple more locked lobbies and the rest have maybe 3 people if your lucky.
It be great if you can join a session that's started already as a ghost.

Online takes a while but so far there's no sign of any foundation.... Are majority a happy racing AI?

It's 2020 and we no longer buy games on CD or DVD, we have the Internet and esports on the rise.

Online racing has brought sim racing to public and even more so these days.

Pls breath some life to multilayer.
So far it's going like Rf2, one of the best sims but dead multilayer.
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