Audi R8 4.2


Audi R8 4.2 [WIP Released!]


I'm releasing this car as a WIP because I'm not sure if I'll feel like finishing it.
Here's the download:

Here's a download for a "source" version too, which includes .max, .obj, and .blend files:

I think it's the most recent but I'm not 100% sure. If anyone wants to take up the task of finishing the interior, you are free to do it and re-upload the finished version.

Hoepfully it's enjoyed.


So, I've been working on this for a while now.

Link to official car webpage:

Some attached images of wireframe, smooth shaded, and renderings.
The renderings, and the large images of the wheel are mesh smoothed and will be used to make normal maps for the lower poly model.




Yeah, it's a slow process because I'm overloaded with work from school and have barely got to work on it since I posted this. Classes end in about three weeks so that's when I'll do some more.


Sorry these are rather huge:

To do:
> finish headlamps
> mirrors
> rear bumper, exhaust, and rear lamps
> glass
> interior/engine
> bottom/wheel wells
> disk brakes
> redo bump mapping for the wheels
> logos/decals/misc texture detail

Also, I think the final, "regular" one will be about 50k polies.
I'll also offer a "cinematic" verison that will have maybe 150-250k polies (everything modeled, little use of bump maps) for people with uber graphics cards. =)


Just more pics with improved shader (red color variant), improved wheels, glass over headlamps, cf bump map



man this sucks

first time ever i seen a audi r8 gettin made for racer

can anyone get a conversion from somewhere?


Like almost all scratch made car....
erm not so sure about that. To me it almost sounds like you have something against scratch made cars.

i hope this isnt a CG shader
it is, I'll try to make sure that there will be a non-cg shader available as well.

and I did talk to EAP3D about this thing last night. he's been busy enough at work that he hasn't wanted to work on this thing. but he also said that the body for the most part is done, and he wants to do a really detailed interior. So far as I can tell he plans on finishing this one.
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