Assetto Corsa Competizione | V1.7 And British Pack DLC Now Available

Dan Costa

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Is Oulton park really that bumpy in real life? I played it in other games since forever, but it seems madness here. I've never seen a suspension travel/wheel speed graph so bad in Motec. How are you guys tweaking it?
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Günthar Rowe

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- Corrected server browser behaviour when searching for LAN servers.
- Tweaked dynamic skidmark appearance.
- Fixed glowing village houses at night at Oulton Park.
- Corrected British GT decals on custom liveries under British GT season.
- Server: removed a spammy log line.
- Improved real-time widget filtering.
- Aston V12 reduced setup oscillation on settling.
- Corrected total track medal count.
Haven't tried multiclass yet, but in the couple of single-class AI races I've done since the update I've noticed what it seems to be a significant improvement on the AI.

I've seen them make some nice moves and occasionally change positions between each other as well as going side by side with myself or other AI in certain corners, rather than just giving up the position immediately as they would usually do before. Very pleased with what I've seen and really enjoyed those races.

This was at Kyalami and Silverstone with 95/95 AI settings.

Steve Bird

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Bloody typical. I bought the DLC for my son and for myself. Arranged to catch up with him last night to try it out and my trusty Thrustmaster T300RS refused to power up. The normal humming coming from the unit but no lights and no USB recognition. It is dead, Now I have to wait for Thustmaster to send me a he 488 challenge kit to try it out but god knows how long they will take to deliver it now.

'It's not pinin'! It's passed on! This T300RS is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed it in 24 hour races it'd be pushing out the laps. Its rotational processes are now 'istory! It's off the track! It's kicked the bucket, ,It's shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the cable and joined the bleedin' wheels invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-THRUSTMASTER!!


Personally I very rarely use MP !
My favorite class is GT4, and the frequency of MP races for GT4 is so low, I am more often than not, forced to use SP. At least I can dial in the difficulty of the AI, so I still get satisfaction. Not as much as from a good MP, but enough that I keep coming back.
Kunos never disappoints with its DLC. It's nice to use a finished product rather than another beta version.
The more I buy DLC like this, the less I have the desire to play AMS2 or try their new content. Even RF2 is starting to live up to expectations. Paradox.

Yesterday I had some fantastic races with AI and multiclass. Yes, it's not RRE yet, but a huge step forward. Now offline racing is fun and interesting.
You don’t know what you are missing ;).
Perhaps older scans, track surface degrades over time.

Thats true it does but not sure Oulton has been resurfaced within recent years so would expect scans to be fine. Tbh every game I've ever played Oulton in has had some awful bumps especially at cascades. Usually a bump on entry and mid corner that likes to really unsettle the car
Been running a championship mode season today just to pass time because I can't be arsed to race online. Do the points actually go into a table at all for each race? Or is it just a set of 6 race weekends?
This is like crossing oil or ice. zero frontend grip and It lasts less than a second. Its feels very artificial. It happened on Snert and Donington.
Sorry for picking on your post, its not really aimed at you.
It always makes me laugh when i see statements like this 'it feels artificial'.
I mean, you are sat in a chair, in your spare bedroom, in your Y fronts and slippers, playing a computer game/sim.
It cant get any more artificial.
In fact the very meaning of 'simulating' is being artificial.
Thank you for the information. Won’t be buying the dlc until it’s cheap.

If developers start to abandon offline AI, they won’t be getting my money. I am utterly sick of genre shifting towards MP entirely with no option for single player. When the MP population moves on, the game Is largely unplayable because there is no one to play.
Its £12 (the price of a couple of coffees and a daily newspaper).
Not exactly going to break the bank i think.
How much cheaper do you want it?

People wont think twice about spending £1,200 on a direct drive wheel, but loath spending £12 on 3 great laser scanned tracks to play it on.
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