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Kunos Simulazioni have released a statement about the development status of Assetto Corsa Competizione following the recent 'release 6' update delay.

Initially planned for deployment last week then subsequently delayed until this week, Kunos Simulazioni have now released a brief statement to explain how the current development status is progressing with the title - confirming that a go live date for release 6 will be a little later than initially expected.

Dear ACC users,

We would like to share some updates on the current situation of the next version of ACC: Early Access 6th release. Our development team is still working hard to close the current stage of the refactoring operation we announced after our previous release. Since there are also new features coming together with the content update that includes the two Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 cars and Monza Circuit, such as camera updates, telemetry features, netcode improvements, CPU optimisations etc., we prefer to take the right amount of time to deliver a stable package. Our plan currently is to release when we feel comfortable showcasing the current stage of development to the general public.

Our progress to version 1.0 and beyond will be explained during the following weeks, and we have some interesting and unexpected news coming pretty soon, but since this is the last scheduled update of the Early Access Programme, we would like to offer a solid update while waiting for what is to come.

We would like to use this opportunity to say our thanks regarding your feedback on our official forums and your patience to prefer to wait for a solid update rather than a fast one.

Of course it will be disappointing for gamers to hear the new build is still a little way away from release, however as the saying goes - good things come to those who wait. Development of a new racing game, especially one on a brand new platform for the developers, is a difficult task, so delays of this nature are absolutely no surprise. Kunos have a tremendous track record in sim racing game development, so I'm sure once the bugs have been ironed out by the studio, the wait will be well worth it..

Assetto Corsa Competizione is available on Steam Early Access now. Currently at build release 5 status.

To keep abreast of all the latest news and discussions from the world of Assetto Corsa Competizione then don't forget to check out our very own ACC sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

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As a rule I have really enjoyed ACC and imo its a step forward in the genre, I am really enjoying the feel of the cars and the tracks we have so far, for me Im like the Ferrari so far im faster in other cars but it just ticks most of the boxes for me.
Im happy to wait now I have got over the initial disappointed of the release delay, and as this is the only Sim I have driven were I feel ok to race with AI that is a massive bonus for me , I think this will be the first Sim that entices me to complete the carrier mode.

Lets give Kunos a break as Rome wasn't built in a day all good things take a little longer, please just dont waste much resources on ray tracing .
Is it possible to rollback to first release ?

I dont think I have ever seen anyone as displeased as you with how things have progressed since the very first alpha build :p

Why dont you just give up touching it for 6 months to a year and see how it is after it actually releases and gets a lot more updates?

You already know you are never going to be happy with it, so why do this to yourself?
I dont think I have ever seen anyone as displeased as you with how things have progressed since the very first alpha build :p

Since 2nd :D Initial impression of R1 was very bad, but it was incorrect, and R1 was very good.

Why don''t you just give up touching it for 6 months to a year and see how it is after it actually releases and gets a lot more updates?

It is happening naturally, only checking updates for changes. Like most does. But it does not grip.

You already know you are never going to be happy with it, so why do this to yourself?

This sounds somehow dramatic, I find it funny. It might still be perfectly awesome sim, with incredible online experience, and incredible rain implementation. I might always be grumpy about R2 physics simplementation, but still be quite happy about the sim. But thank you for your care.

@LilSki did disagree to a question :D
I've played this online the last couple of nights, on public servers, after a good few months of not touching it.

And I have to say ... (VR user) it had a real wow factor. It struggles for impact in kind of mid day, normal weather with no sun rays but other than that, really it's only fine tuning that's left to do.

I liked the feel and the overall driving experience.

When is the 'stop the online arseholes bumping me off on every f*****g corner' update coming? Then it'll be perfect.
I actually don't mind the wait... However, that might not be such a great thing! You see, I recently got a Nasty maxed out PC with a RTX2080 ti in it and I'm able to turn up graphics on all 5 of my sims (RRE,ACC,AC,iRacing,PC2) to ultimate everything with max fields and they all run like Butter! My point is, every one of them got massively better and are stealing my time and money... The biggest competition is from AC itself. Now with killer high quality mods, lights, weather, launcher and Endless choice of types of vehicles and situations... it might be the biggest "new" threat to ACC itself! :geek: While ACC does feel great, it will have to be awesome to hold my attention with only one series. SO... let them get it right! :)
P.S. It won't be useful in my chassis without TrackIR... I have driven both, I prefer my TrackIR and triple monitors over VR... All decent sims support it! :)
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I don't think anyone begrudges any developer to have delays. It is all part of early access development. What I think the "complaint' is/was , that there was no prior advice adding onto the initial weeks delay. I feel sure that the further delay was known to Kunos and would have avoided complaints had they advised prior to the "new" expected release. Just my thoughts, although I am sure the "haters' will disagree.

I have no doubts that Kunos will deliver an excellent product.

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