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Assetto Corsa Competizione: McLaren 720S GT3 Coming to the Sim

Acc McLaren 720S GT3.jpg

In something of an unexpected move, the rather tasty McLaren 720s GT3 will soon be making an appearance in Assetto Corsa Competizione...

Teasing the car on the Assetto Corsa Competizione social channels a coupe of days ago, Kunos Simulazioni have revealed the new car will be heading to the simulation in the near future, with the McLaren 720s GT3 due to be added to the title as part of the ongoing McLaren Shadow eSport competition.

Having not taken part in either the 2018 or 2019 Blancpain GT Series, the confirmation of the latest piece of racing machinery from McLaren is indeed a welcome surprise, and one that Kunos are understandably pleased to be able to announce for their current racing sim.

With the virtual car already at an advanced stage of development, it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against its fellow GT3 rivals once it releases in the very near future.

If you missed the new trailer first time, check it out again below:
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Nov 2, 2015
only for take a ride, lol. because is not part of career and these e-sports events is not for me...I have no chances to compete against the world...so...honestly for me will be only for track day.. haha
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Jun 8, 2019
This car is a bit strange in rF2, the car reactions during braking is so weird sometimes mainly with TC active. It will be a good standard to comparison.


Mar 2, 2016
Replace Kevin with sim racers, and replace Pam with Kunos:
I think the McLaren shadow sites claims that the cometition starts on October 27th, so it will be soon. :)
Maybe it comes with the Season 2019 Update or the other way around. :inlove:
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Mar 15, 2017
This one is coming free to the game, but is the GT DLC is coming around the same time? I'm hyped for Mount Panorama!
I think the IGTC will come out early next year, with the 2019 DLC coming out this month and the McLaren is expected to also be out this month.
Apr 12, 2015
It is part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge that they recently announced as a DLC, so it was bound to come sooner or later anyway.


Jun 29, 2019
It is part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge that they recently announced as a DLC, so it was bound to come sooner or later anyway.
Not really, no 720s gt3s were a IGTC full season entry and Kunos said only full season 2019 entrants would be included in the DLC.


Jul 20, 2012
Well, like a suspected since they announced 7 new cars for 2019 season update for the end of this month, but count with me: New Aston, New Lambo, New Audi, New Porsche, New Honda, New McLaren and...any guess?