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AMS 2 | Update Is Here - Now Includes Time Trial

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Automobilista 2 Early Access fans rejoice - a new build, new features and new content is now available.

Released last night, version of AMS 2 is in the wild, and with it comes a first pass at the new Time Trail functionality within the simulation, as well as the inclusion of the very cool looking 1986 Opala Stock Car season!



  • Enabled Time Trial Mode
  • Player now has complete control in pits if Pit Stop Control is set to "Manual" in Gameplay Options (no longer gets automatically held up due to incoming traffic)
  • Implemented new CutTrackFraction logic for detecting how far back a track limit infringement in previous lap invalidates the next one (5% of track length in practice, 10% in qualifying, 15% in Time Trial)
  • Fix bug where spawning in garage in between sessions would cause Trucks to crash into the garage
  • Added Opala Stock Cars 1986 Season
  • Added missing F-Trainer A vehicle specs; Corrected Puma GTB, Super V8, Lancer R & RS, Copa Classic specs
  • Fixed AJR V6 short name in session config screen
  • Added new 'Full' variation of the Laptime Info HUD element (gives past lap info or Time Trial info depending on game mode/session)
  • Moved Laptime info position slightly higher in default layout
  • Added "Tyre Scrub to Rack" effect to FX FFB slider (New Default profile only
  • Added "Min force" FFB funcion, disabled by default (can be activated in custom FFB file)
  • Minor FFB adjustments to various cars to better suit New Default profile
  • Increased FFB smoothness for FWD cars
  • Fixed remaining issues with excessive brake wear
  • Revised drivelines for all TC Classics, AJR, F-Vintages, F-Classics Lancers, Ultimas to correct excessive drivetrain losses & inertia
  • Fixed suspension physics for Copa Classic B Passat
  • Minor adjustments to tyre tread & carcass for Copa Classic, Lancers, Opalas, Ultima Race, AJR, Stock Car & F-Classic
  • Added wet tyre options for Lancers & Copa Classics
  • Corrected excessive engine boost in Lancer R & RS
  • Fixed wrong default tyre option in some TC Classics that could cause CTDs
  • Reduced front ride height range & moved diffuser center of pressure forward by 8cm in Metalmoro AJR for more accurate aero balance (all variants)
  • F-Classics Gen1&2: moved diffuser center of pressure forward by 2cm for more accurate aero balance, increased diffuser downforce loss with yaw
  • F-Classic (all Gens): Adjusted default setup (stiffer rear ARB, corrected ride height inconsistencies); fixed V8 engine wear range
  • Disabled glitchy AI function that would cause it to behave erratically while trying to weave out of the way under blue flag in Practice & Quali (AI will now just reduce speed to let faster car by)
  • Adjusted AI behavior under yellow flag (a bit less overzealous)
  • Revised AI damper rates for all cars
  • Minor AI performance tweak to Londrina (both layouts)
  • Corrected environment & track temperature ranges for South American tracks
  • Interlagos Kart: Fixed layout 3 fences and walls missing when running less than High Track Detail
  • Passat Copa Classic B: Updated interior textures, corrected collision mesh
  • Puma P052: Updated cockpit interior textures; updated liveries for #03 #05 #08 #35 #36 #52 #65 #78 & added Community skins #55 #56 #58 #60
  • Sprint Race: Added rear brake lights

To get an idea of the future development direction for Automobilista 2, check out the recent development roadmap HERE.

Original Source :Reiza Studios

AMS 2 is available now in Steam Early Access.

If you need help and support getting the most from AMS2, start a thread in our AMS2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let our great community help you out.
It took me 30 laps, but it did it.. it felt like I was torturing the poor car all the way through, I'm not sure if I liked it or not... there are atleast 2 cut corners in the hotlap, no bollards in sight and sort of handbrake turn for the last hairpin (69 brake bias)

View attachment 370496

I will try the lancer tomorrow. Havent driven cadwell before, it's pretty insane.
Think you might have to do some more laps :p

(No, I didn't actually use a setup, I just adjusted the steering lock, because the pad doesn't turn in otherwise)
I think it would be great if our racing games could capture that, if the fast guys are driving the cars hard and taking all the life out of the tyres then there should be real consequences too. In the real world brake temperature and boiling the fluid is an issue too, the pedal often gets long after a few laps but I think we're quite a long way from that in games yet. As always though yes the option to turn the wear/damage off should also be there for those who want it that way.

Should be simple enough to design and implement in theory (but it would need a LOT of testing to correlate well with real world experience), since you could essentially change the max brake pressure with a brake pressure modifier starting at 1.0 and moving towards less than 1.0 the hotter the brakes get over time, which means that at the same pedal position, you get less brake pressure and thus "a long pedal"?

But really, the problem is how to create FFB braking hardware, since once the fluid boils, it means that you no longer have (almost) perfect hydraulic transmission of pedal force but instead you have a gas acting as an additional spring in the pedal -> piston -> lines -> piston -> brake pad -> brake disc system (this is assuming that the brake lines are non-expanding of course).
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@ermo you are spot on, the problem is with the braking hardware. In a real car, you get a longer pedal action as the fluid, pads and discs heat up (which also heats the rims and tyres and require pressure adjustments). In sims, this is currently indicated by green- yellow-red symbols on the braking/pads hud (if at all in many games).

In the real car, you have to adapt your braking point or pressure required on the pedal to match the drop off in braking performance. Braided brake lines and better fluid with an increased boiling point help too. In a real car, you are adopting all of the time for the changes in temperature, grip, tyre wear, braking performance and driver fatigue - in games lap after lap can often be perfectly replicated. I've driven race-tuned cars with brake pedals that were almost dead when cold but came alive once warm and dropped off after a few hot laps. Standard road cars are often a liability on track for the opposite reason - once the fluid and pads get hot the brakes become near useless.

I'm not sure how our current hardware could replicate that, we'd need dynamic FFB pedals to go with the FFB wheels. I do know it would be an incredible increase in realism.

All just for discussion, of course, I can accept that games can't perfectly recreate a dynamic real world.
I wanted to test the rain on an original track and I've found a great combo : Roco 001 carzs and Santa Cruz track.
What a blast! I could really make the car "dance" around the track.
Really amazing.

There's still a lot to do but when something works, AMS2 does it perfectly. It's really promising.
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The Opala 86 Stock Cars are fun to drive, the car weight and body roll are really noticeable through the wheel. I think this sort of car is what AMS2 does best, fast enough to be fun and with handling that is challenging near the limit yet still controllable.

The AI also race each other more often in this build, here in this short 1 lap clip, the blue AI Opala is side by side with the white/red AI for most of the lap. There is some door to door contact too but both cars survive that. The blue car uses different lines to attempt the overtake and eventually gets it done with a good move up the inside into the fast right-hander at Paddock Hill. The AI has come a long way in a short time.
The AI cars were set at 100% ability and 80% aggression for this race. The fastest AI lap times at 100% skill are 1:41.5 and a close match for my player laps of 1:41.7 and looking at the time trial boards that all looks reasonable to me.

Time Trial mode is working well too, putting it in Beta first clearly paid off as it was a bit messy in there but seems to be working well since the EA release.

Another good step forward once again, I continue to be impressed with how quickly Reiza make improvements to this game.
Love those types of cars as well when racing. Like more the older and powerful cars rather than modern on rails cars with tons of grip. Mainly cause i suck having to be so precise i guess, lol. :D

Is it the recording that makes the last bit of the video seem like the sim is lagging? Was afraid there was some memory leak or something else that makes it heavier after a couple of laps. Might be the recording and not the sim though.