AMS 2 | Reiza Studios Confirm New Content In Latest AMS 2 Development Post

The latest development roadmap posting from Reiza Studios is, as usual, full of good stuff. Perhaps most interesting of all however is the confirmation of new content coming to Automobilista 2!

The Brazilian development team have been exceptionally hard at work as they continue to fine tune and develop their new Automobilista 2 racing simulation, with plenty of changes and improvements having been brought to the title over the course of the current Early Access development phase.

As is the tradition with these developers, the end of the month signals time for a lengthy roadmap update posting, where news about the immediate future of the sim is under discussion as we are teased with a little taste of what is just around the corner - and once again it looks like plenty of good stuff is in the works...

Check out the April Development Roadmap posting in full below:

Greetings everyone! We hope you all have been keeping safe and catching up with your sim racing while we continue to go through these surreal times.

It´s now been a month since Automobilista 2 was released in Steam Early Access, and what a ride it has been up to here! It´s been great to see the game being overall very positively received and that the sim racing community shares our confidence about its future.

Most will not be aware but with both Stock Car Extreme and Automobilista 1 being free updates to those who bought the previous version of the game, Automobilista 2 is actually our first completely new title release since Game Stock Car 2013 back in November 2013! And despite the less than ideal circunstances surrounding all of us these days, we are happy to say the game has got off to a very strong start.

As we have continued to stress since the initial announcement, Automobilista 2 is a long term project but we feel we have now crossed the most challenging milestones, and are in better position than ever to develop the game to its full potential.

We hope you all continue to enjoy the ride as we continue to push on!

Automobilista 2 v0.8.7 coming up - Time Trial is Now In!

AMS 2 1.jpg

Version v0.8.7 will hit Beta in the coming hours, and after some early mileage in Beta to iron out any showstopper it should also be deployed to the Main version of the game.

The highlight of the new build is the availability of Time Trial Mode, given everyone the chance to see how they measure up iagainst the best in a hot lap running any car / track combo in the game!

The system is an evolution of the popular Time Trial mode we had in Automobilista 1, with the new engine bringing some great new features such as the ability to load ghost laps (both from the best time in the leaderboard or from your best placed Steam friend).

The new build will also see the addition of the Classic 1986 Brazilian Opala Stock Car season, fully revamped from AMS1 with all cars featuring their original authentic branding.

The new version will also bring further FFB & AI updates, along with the usual batch of fixes and improvements.

Multiplayer Development

We are pushing to address the problems reported by users with glitchy collisions while running in Multiplayer races - previous builds have already corrected some innacuracies in the collision mesh of several cars, and we are now investigating potential adjustments in the netcode to fully recitfy the problem.

The presence of this issue and attention it is requiring has pushed back the introduction of the Multiplayer rating system, but we remain commited to complete the work on both fronts before the end of Early Access.

Next up - Kyalami & Sigma P1

Next week will see the introduction of the modern Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, to go along with the Historical 1976 version already offered in the game.

The Kyalami Circuit has undergone a complete revamp in recent years which has put it in the map again of the major international motorsports series. We are very happy to celebrate this classic venue rising profile by bringing the track to Automobilista 2, hopefully doing justice to the technical layout and the picturesque beauty of the South African scenery - check out some previews:

AMS 2 2.jpg
AMS 2 3.jpg
AMS 2 4.jpg

Next week´s build will also see the introduction of a new Brazilian Prototype - the imposing Sigma P1 debuted in the Brazilian Endurance Championship in 2019, powered by a mighty Audi V8 turbo engine - the car will be fully revised for the new season complete with an engine built in-house, with the goal of challenging the pace setting AJRs in P1 classs.

AMS 2 5.jpg

Later on... Mclaren, Lotus & Brabham share the Track Again!

We are thrilled to confirm extensive licensing agreements with some of the most iconic brands in motorsports in Mclaren Racing, Classic Team Lotus and Brabham Racing, which will see a number of their Classic Grand Prix cars being added to Automobilista 2.

The first batch will not take much longer, including beauties such as the Lotus 72D, the Mclaren M23 and the Brabham BT44 pictured below:

AMS 2 6.jpg
AMS 2 7.jpg

These however will be just the beginning - more to come where these came from

Automobilista 2 - Early Access Price Bump Incoming

With Automobilista 2 now one month into its Early Access phease and roughly halfway through the road to v1.0, we will be reducing the current 40% discount over its full release price accordingly next week as we hit v0.9.0. The Game will then remain with 20% off its v1.0 price (US$ 49.99 / €44.99 / R$ 149,99) until the end of Early Access.

If you haven´t yet got Automobilista 2 don´t miss the last few days to grab it still with 40% off!

One last thing, or Two...

AMS 2 9.jpg

Original Source: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 is available now in Steam Early Access.

If you need help and support getting the most from AMS2, start a thread in our AMS2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let our great community help you out.

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Sep 28, 2009
Development is flying along in this sim and it get's significantly better with every update. Our trust in Reiza to do the business has certainly not been misplaced, but then we all knew that the moment we opted into the beta/Early Access. :)

Can't wait to try out those classic F1 cars, and that last screenie definitely got my attention... :x3:


Aug 10, 2007
So going by the end they've managed to get licencing from Porsche which is no real surprise as porsche seem to be in every sim going these days or at least brought back the boxer cup from AMS1.

Game definitely seems to be going in the right direction and also like how they stick primarily to brazillian based motorsport as gives some variety from the same old, same old


May 12, 2010
Was mystified by that first JPS Lotus with Ronnie Peterson driving with the # 1. It's the Lotus 76 from 74, don't think it's going to be in the game. The Other 3 are very welcome.


Jun 1, 2017
Glad to see the 70’s F1 cars are on their way. I enjoyed occasionally hopping in the F-Retro in AMS1.

On a trivial note, I honestly had no idea the final section of the new Kyalami layout was up on retaining walls like that.


Apr 3, 2013
The Classic GP cars are a great addition...hopefully more classic tracks will follow as well. Without these it will not be that much fun driving the classics :)
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Jan 16, 2016
The Classic GP cars are a great addition...hopefully more classic tracks will follow as well. Without these it will not be that much fun driving the classics :)
There is quite a bit of classic tracks already and I think that every new track in DLCs will have several historic variants.
Nov 24, 2017
I can't stop turning laps in this game. Bloody love it to death so far. Big cheers for the 70's F1's incoming, the F1 cars have improved immensely with the FFB improvements, signs the deal for me with historic Hockenheim and Silverstone incoming.


Nov 3, 2015
I can't stop turning laps in this game. Bloody love it to death so far. Big cheers for the 70's F1's incoming, the F1 cars have improved immensely with the FFB improvements, signs the deal for me with historic Hockenheim and Silverstone incoming.
I'm loving the way it feels coming out of the corners in the older F1's. you can feel the car sliding as you power slide out.
and it feels so natural.