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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    ATS I-10 near Los Angeles.jpg
    Not content with pushing out a new Public Beta build for American Truck Sim and its European counterpart ETS2, SCS Software are still hard at work expanding the scale of ATS, and have shared a new batch of in game images from the work in progress expansion for fans to enjoy.

    American Truck Simulator was supposed to be the US version of its popular European Truck Sim 2 predecessor, and in many respects the studio hit the nail on the head with its new release. Featuring the authentic American atmosphere and wide open roads and environments found in the States, ATS looked to be a bit of a hit right out of the box. Unfortunately the team over at SCS made a rare mistake with this game, and simply did not do enough to convey the epic scale of the country with the new American maps. Taking onboard the community feedback, SCS made the bold decision to halt major development on the game content while they revisited the title and increased the scale of the virtual world within ATS. Announcing the rescale project back in June, SCS have been hard at work ever since developing assets in game and increasing the overall scale from 1:35 to an impressive 1:20.

    ATS Map Upscale comparison.jpg

    With European Truck Sim 2 already undergoing several content and engine updates recently, not including the attractive looking France DLC previews, SCS have finally shifted focus back to presenting images from the current wip rescale progress. In the latest batch of update images, the studio have shown off some remarkable development in the sim as they look to increase the level of detail and size in ATS. The attached preview images show off some new feature locations such as a run down looking rest stop, and various expansions to pieces of road already within the game.

    Of course a project the size (pun intended) can cause some major headaches when a game is already at the development stage of ATS, but it looks like work is progressing nicely on this title so far. SCS have yet to reveal a timeframe for completion of the project, so for now we'll have to make do with looking at these beautiful images released by the studio.

    ATS Overpass of I-5 and I-10 in Los Angeles.jpg

    Don't forget we have a nice selection of mods for ATS right here at RaceDepartment. Have a look at our American Truck Simulator sub forum for all the news and discussion as well as browsing our modding archive. If it's big riggin' you like, then look no further!

    ATS  rest stop along I-8 road.jpg ATS I-5 approaching Los Angeles .jpg ATS Junction of  I-80 and Nevada's I-580.jpg ATS Oxnard's updated look.jpg

    Looking forward to the ATS rescale? Enjoying the game so far? Want to share your experiences with those who are yet to sample the game? Let us know in the comments section below!!
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  2. P*Funk


    You really gotta respect the integrity of that decision.
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  3. fortyfivekev


    Definitely the right decision to rescale the map. Even after ETS2 being out for years there are still new places to see just because the map is so large which wasn't the case with ATS. I hope they can get it done this year and then get back to adding more states.
  4. Metalogic


    My interest in ATS has just dramatically increased! Still not bought it yet, as still much to explore in ETS2, but I'm now considering...
  5. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris

    I like the vastness of the map
    a game that looks ideal if you just wanna cruise :cool:
    are there any decent car mods?
    and are the physics any good or is it a bit like f e gta5 or sthing?
  6. fortyfivekev


    No idea about car mods but there is nothing stopping you from just cruising around in your truck.
    Probably best to describe the physics as simcade, you can roll your truck but it takes some effort. There are "realistic physics" mods for ETS2 so there is probably something similar for ATS.
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  7. Snoopy


    If only the VR wasn't so terribly optimized and I could actually play it with a 980GTX.
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