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Featured European Truck Sim 2: New France DLC Previews

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    ETS 2 France DLC 3.jpg
    Following on from the recent Open Beta v1.25 release of European Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software are once again proving work on the game is continuing at a pace despite the release of its American counterpart, American Truck Simulator.

    The latest images revealed by the studio show off the impressive levels of detail that go into making the many assets in ETS2. Bridges are the focus of the latest screenshots, with fine examples of the digital recreations of the Pont de l'Iroise over the Élorn river, the Pont de Normandie bridge over the Seine river, the bridge at the entrance to the port in Le Havre, a suspension bridge over the Loire river near to Bourges and the Chavanon Viaduct at A89 Autoroute.

    ETS 2 France DLC.jpg

    In other news relating to European Truck Simulator 2, the team have now made available for both ETS 2 and American Truck Simulator the ability to further customise your truck interior... with steering wheel knobs!

    ETS 2 Steering Wheel Knobs.jpg

    Ok so it's not as exciting as the latest tyre model for Assetto Corsa, nor will it light up the world of social media like a new piece of content in rFactor 2, but it is a nice novel addition to the customisation opportunities in these two games. As the long (or short) distance lorry drivers amongst you will well know, cabin customisation is a big part of the truck driving world. ETS & ATS both offer a wide variety of add on items for the trucks in game, and this latest little piece of content customisation is, admittedly, a little bit of fun rather than a serious game changing experience. Still, its free, so can't really say fairer than that I suppose.

    ETS 2 and ATS are both available on Steam for PC.

    Check out the ETS 2 and American Truck Simulator sub forums here at RaceDepartment for the latest news, topical discussion, hot mods and community interaction regarding these two fine trucking titles.

    ETS 2 France DLC 5.jpg ETS 2 France DLC 4.jpg ETS 2 France DLC 2.jpg

    Looking forward to the ETS2 DLC extension? Still playing Euro Truck Sim 2? What do you like about the game? Will you be purchasing the Viva La France DLC when it becomes available? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    When are we doing a league then?! Cross country delivery races, now there's an idea! ;)

    Seriously though, I haven't played this title much but I still find it astounding the level of detail. Always seems a shame to just drive past things with this much level of attention. Top work by the team, maybe it might be worth a small article on the team that create the title. Would love to know how many there are, whether they are based all over the world or whether it's one studio, etc.

    Meanwhile I'm going to look on EBay for a second hand truck steering wheel as it just seems so wrong using an F1 rim on my wheel base...:laugh:

    Nice writing as always @Paul Jeffrey :thumbsup:
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  3. So beautiful, SCS made a good work.
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  4. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    Looks great, loads more weird looking nuclear reactors to drive past I bet. ;)
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  5. Bazooka_Joe

    Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst. Premium Member

    DLC's like this are making vanilla map (especially UK and Germany) look so outdated. Part of me hopes SCS would eventually revisit oldest parts and will bring them up to date. However considering how much work would that be combined with the lack of profit it'll bring makes me think it's not going to happen :/
  6. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Member Premium Member

    Playing ATS everyday. Time to install ETS 2 again. Nice 1 Paul. :thumbsup:
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  7. That's well said. Sometimes it's just little things that make you go "Whoa, look at that", then you're past it. It's impressive how much detail has been put into this awesome sim.
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  8. This game is beautiful in VR. So nice to be IN the cabin and to be able to look around (literally). But I do wish they would optimise the game: the frame rate is horrible now, even on a high end system.
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  9. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    I have a feeling that the game engine is probably like a massive pile of Jenga after all this time so probably needs a lot more than "optimising". :)

    As much as I like ETS2/ATS it would be nice to see some competition in the trucksim space. These games have sold very well so it seems odd that there isn't some big rival out there to motivate SCS to pick-up the pace a bit.
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  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    I've requested, and been granted, and interview with them :)

    Just need to get around to sorting it out. Watch this space :)

    Thanks man, appreciate that :)
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  11. Very cool! Seriously looking forward to that.
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  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Yeah me too. I always worry when I post news on ETS2 and ATS, considering they aren't really racing sims... makes me wonder if anyone is actually bothered about them! But, no one's told me to stop so I'll carry on :D
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  13. unlike some of the mentioned simulators, this is way more proper simulator, because it simulates the actual experience of driving the truck,

    yes the tire model is not on par with the best, but there's more to simulating something then just tires
    they did amazing job on this and I always enjoy playing it here and there,

    I'm really waiting for the busses expansion though, that will add aditional complexity to this
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  14. No word on Millau Viaduct? The tallest bridge in that country? Heard some people bring it up when I first saw the SCS blog post
  15. (Black note): a truck in Nice... No plz
  16. Kampalaigner

    Kil Ennunen Premium Member

    Euro Truck news are always welcome. In fact when on trucking mood, I play ETS2 more often than ATS. Perhaps once or twice a month. Oddly it is very relaxing and fun. BTW backing up semi trailers using mirror views is easier in RL ;)
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  17. Do I need to check my trailer for stowaways at Calais :D
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  18. Not played ETS2 / ATS for a month or two now, been waiting on the France DLC for ETS2, plus the scale update for ATS...

    Playing these is a busman's holiday for me ... drive all day, then come home and drive again ...
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  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member