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  1. E

    ATS/ETS2 Button Dash *V2 released* v2.0

    New V2 of my button box. V1 just gave me all the functionality i wanted, so I decided to improve the aesthetic! To install, first make sure you have simhub installed, here. Once installed, download the .zip and extract the files. Once extracted, just open whichever button box you would...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | NEXT Western Star Confirmed Heading To The Sim

    Everyone's favourite truck simulation developers have made a nice announcement recently - as SCS Software confirm the NEXT Western Star is coming to American Truck Sim. NEXT Western Star truck coming to the simulation. Real world equivalent due to launch at the end of September. Yes, ATS has...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | New Colorado Road Network Previews

    The ever busy team over at SCS Software continue with the hard work developing content for ATS, and the latest batch of previews suggest much development goodness has gone towards road networks in the state of Colorado. New Colorado road network image previews. Plenty of unique new truck stops...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    ATS | Idaho 'Viewpoint' Feature Coming Soon

    American Truck Simulator new preview time is here again folks - this time looking at a cool new feature under development. Update on upcoming Idaho map expansion. First look at proposed 'Viewpoint' cut scene feature. 'Viewpoint' under consideration for wider roll out across the playing area...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Simulator | Colorado New Industries

    SCS Software reveal more preview images from their upcoming Colorado DLC for American Truck Simulator. New DLC industry details Windfarm preview images Details of unique parts of haulage loads For those not in the know, SCS Software are a development team based in the Czech Republic that are...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Simulator | First Idaho Gameplay Reveal

    SCS Software - the developers of both American Truck Simulator and European Truck Sim 2 - have released a short and sweet new gameplay preview for the upcoming Idaho map expansion coming soon to American Truck Simulator. The video has been deliberately created to not reveal too much...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | More Idaho Previews - Logging

    SCS Software remain hard at work bringing their latest ATS map expansion(s) to life, and recently the incredibly productive studio dropped some new previews of the new logging industry within their upcoming Idaho DLC. As I'm sure many of you will be well aware, American Truck Sim isn't a...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | New Audio And More In Version 1.37 Update Release

    SCS Software have deployed the much anticipated version 1.37 build of American Truck Simulator - adding a host of new and improved features within the sim. Top of the interesting changes from this latest build has to be the inclusion of a vastly reworked audio experience thanks to the addition...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Introducing Colorado

    SCS Software have recently shown off preview images from their latest work-in-progress map expansion DLC - introducing the state of Colorado! Yes, another new area within the virtual world of American Truck Simulator is currently being cooked up by those clever boys and girls of SCS Software -...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    ETS 2 / ATS | FMOD Sound Updates In The Works

    Fans of American Truck Sim and European Truck Sim 2 rejoice! New audio updates are on the way... thanks to the implementation of the class leading FMOD sound effects engine. Both ATS and ETS 2 are fine simulations, and the level of detail achieved by SCS Software is highly commendable, but one...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Idaho Previews

    SCS Software have revealed preview images of the upcoming Idaho expansion pack DLC, currently in development for American Truck Simulator. Looking resplendent in sunrise conditions, the latest previews from the upcoming the Idaho map expansion for American Truck are very much a sight to behold...
  12. T

    ATS for Ferrari 312t4 ATS for Ferrari 312t4 1.0b

    You can found the car here: https://www.asrformula.com/mods/assetto-corsa/free-cars-ac/ferrari-312t4-1979/ This skin is based on Team ATS from F1 1981 season. Slim Borgudd: Jan Lammers: Enjoy it.
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    ETS2 / ATS | New Location Previews

    Both European Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Sim are getting new map expansions this year - and here's the pictures to prove it! Yes, never content to give those graphic artists a well earned break, SCS Software confirmed prior to the Christmas break that both ETS2 and American Truck Sim...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | LoneStar Now Available

    New content alert! Finally after what feels like an eternity of waiting, new truck content is available for American Truck Simulator - the iconic International LoneStar is here! The sixth truck model to become available for the American themed trucking simulation, the International LoneStar is...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Build 1.36 Now Available

    A brand new build for the increasingly impressive American Truck Simulator is now available. Before new map expansion fans get too excited, this new build doesn't bring with it the much anticipated Utah DLC, that one comes in a few days time, but it does offer up some nice improvements to many...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Utah Release Date Confirmed (New Trailer)

    Most of us will be aware that the Utah DLC map expansion for American Truck Simulator is due this month - well now we know when, and we've got a new trailer to enjoy while we wait! First and foremost the important part - SCS Software have confirmed the latest DLC to release for American Truck...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Salt Lake City Previews

    SCS Software sure know how to tease new content - this time showing off some images from the upcoming Utah map expansion for American Truck Simulator. American Truck Simulator continues to expand as SCS Software ever increase their already rather impressive base map for the US based trucking...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: Utah Previews

    SCS Software have revealed some interesting new previews from the upcoming Utah DLC map expansion for American Truck Simulator. Due to launch this November, the Utah DLC in development for American Truck Sim looks to contain many of the expected visual delights from the american state - and...
  19. P

    SimHub Dashboard For Euro Truck Simulator 2 V1.0

    A completely functional dashboard for Euro Truck Simulator 2 to use in your mobile phone, tablet, secondary monitor... (Needs SimHub) This one is based on the ones made by scar101, so credits for him. Features: Speed Gauge RPM Gauge Fuel Gauge + Warning Light Oil Pressure Gauge + Warning...
  20. vadder57

    Simhub Dash ATS 1.0

    This is my first upload here ... The dash contains only the rudimentary ads and is more trimmed to style. For each truck, the original logo is displayed. For upcoming mod trucks such as Caterpillar, Autocar, Marmon and Ford, the logos are already included. Watch the little demo video. Have fun.