After 1.3 sometimes missing down-shift ?

I'm not sure how people have made 'quickly downshift to above the redline' a regular part of fast corners... are they depending on the automatic throttle cut that comes with being over redline to slow them down while keeping their foot on the throttle or something?
Probably, driving like that would not be possible irl so this is another good step in making AC even more realistic. I'm very pleased with this update. (all of it, not just this enhancement) :)


This actually IS realistic, happens to be built into most racecars that have sequential or paddle shifting gearboxes. Yeah, GT3 as well. ;)
GT3 cars could have it, they are primary made for amateur race drivers, so it is made for saving engine but for example F1 cars don' t have it for what I know.


Obviously the actual workings of F1 cars are a secret but considering they have various rules about making engines last (what is it, 3 per season?) and no rules about preventing downshifts it seems very likely that they would block downshifts that overrev the engine. The one speculative source I found on how F1 sequentials work did include 'if the rpm in the indicated gear is outside the range, the shift doesn't happen' since of course it's automatically blipping to make the shift happen faster and it won't blip above redline.

Andrew Harper

Found this article on the GT Cup version of the Huracan.

Did have to smile to myself when I saw this sentence.....

"That said, there were several times tapping the paddles did not trigger a gear change, perhaps a glitch that will be fixed with further development"

Nope, you're just not doing it properly my friend :p
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F1 technical regulation 9.8.3 reads:
If an over-rev protection strategy is used this may only prevent engagement of the target gear,
it must not induce a delay greater than 50ms. If a gear change is refused in this way,
engagement may only follow a new and separate request made by the driver.

In other words, it can only reject the gear change, it can't wait until the gear is ready and then do the change. Exactly the same as how AC's system works. (rule works like this to prevent people just tapping 'down' 5 times and having it automatically shift down as the gears are ready)

And it's definitely allowed in the rules.
This only means that exos drivetrain file is not using latest version header ... which may also mean that other features are not working too! like gearbox damage.
But F1 like cars are known to be able to handle downshifting really fast.

I have seen it lots of times in F1 races where they just smack in the gears like bam bam bam bam !
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Qazdar Karim

But F1 like cars are known to be able to handle downshifting really fast.

I have seen it lots of time in F1 races where they just smack in the gears like bam bam bam bam !
Yes, but they have super efficient brakes too, the car slows down so fast that rpm drops really quickly!

I've just tested the exos S1, and i can confirm that it has downshifting protection!
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I didnt notice gear protection in the Lotus.

As casillo said: Learn to drive
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Funny is that you can not downshift from 1 to N when you are driving 20 km/h. You must break to 0 and then you are able to put there N. This is realy bad and it has nothing with reality, it is stupid.
You don´t need to protect engine when you are driving 20 km/h....

To F1 I remember that Maldonado last year or year before burned engine, because this downhift protection was not in F1 and because of one electronics unit for all is not very easy to implement it.
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