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Tracks 2-way Traffic and 3 more Layouts for "Glencoe" 2019-09-30

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alekabul submitted a new resource:

2-way Traffic and 3 more Layouts for "Glencoe" - Offline with AI - long loop, dirt track, rallycross and GP

The long loop of the main road at Glencoe got 2-way lanes for the AI.
View attachment 326869
View attachment 326868

View attachment 326871
View attachment 326870
View attachment 326874

Besides that three more layouts are included.
View attachment 326863
View attachment 326864
View attachment 326862
And Dirt track:
View attachment 326865 ...

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It works great.Is it possible to make AI Traffic drive on a left side of the road like in EU?

It`s possible but takes a lot of time and effort... This is the way scots drive and I did the proper left lane traffic. Have a full taste of the northern exotic Glencoe. Right lane driving you can do everyday.
"Not sure I`m getting your message right - upload me in support tab a "Print screen' of the error. All the layouts need the author to correct the start line to begin recording lap times. That`s for a future update of the track. I can do only this much."
Sorry if I didn't explain the problem properly. I try again: Exactly 700 m after leaving the pits I always get the message "Cut detected. Lap will not count". It happens on the light grey part of the street (gravel?). See file Clipboard1. I think the reason is, that the left and right sidelines do narrow thrmself at that point. See file Clipboard2. I hope that explains the sizuation. It is not a big problem. Its only impossible to record
a laptime.
sidelines do narrow thrmself at that point
The author made a wrong decision to put a patch of "GRASS" surface slap-bang in the middle of the road...
To remedy that I`ll suggest a cheat: editing "surfaces.ini" that you`ll find in "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\glencoe\2way\data\"
surf 1.jpg

That way when you (and AI) go off the lines the penalties are not going to be imposed.
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At this point I feel that AC game lacks cars like my first own Primera TD - slow and steady. Out of nostalgia I modded one Golf using its similar wheelbase to revive the memories. Feels awesome even when I`m the last in the pack. Feels natural ;)
hey guys, dumb question but how do you guys install this?

First you need to have the track. Then after it is extracted into your game - "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\glencoe\" folder you try it at least once to make sure it loads ok. Then you download this add-on and extract all from it into the same folder "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\glencoe\". Confirm when prompted. Then you start Content Manager or the default loader and select one of the added layouts in "Track mode". In the default loader use "Racing Weekend" instead.