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Glencoe 0.71

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Real world location based in the Glen Finnan area of Glencoe, in Scotland. A mixture of real roads and fantasy roads based on real world forestry tracks and trails. Total track length is about 75 miles with the outer loop measuring 48 miles. Constructed using RTB along with SAS Planet, Blender and Sketchup. Most of the buildings are fantasy and scratch made, some were RTB Xpacks and some were liberated from 3dwarehouse and converted for use in AC

Update 0.7
Worked a lot on performance of the track and getting the textures, both road and roadside, looking a lot smoother and prettier. We can now introduce the Farmers Brown ring, a complex built using tax dollars for farmer brown to spin around at his leisure along with a rallycross track to match. Added more link roads for those to crash to catch back up. Added more variety to roadside surface and objects

Thanks to the Viking, Gunner and the legend of Moosanee Airport, Korvin

If you like my work and would like to buy me a virtual pint of beer


Future plans for the track include an Ice Cream Truck, AI file with traffic capability, putting more variety into the plants/grass/roadside objects and adding more LOD suitable buildings

There is a Public Server without a password for your pleasure, available 24/7 and we will rotate the cars every so often

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Grant Hendry
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4.77 star(s) 88 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed some stuff i forgot to do in the last update

    Fixed timing. Start/Finish is under the "Got Thirst" billboard Fixed the floating walls and...
  2. New Release 0.7 with major improvements

    Update 0.7 Worked a lot on performance of the track and getting the textures, both road and...

Latest reviews

why lake not have water
Wow , giant project and very funny , 1 year that i use this map
Please help me, I installed this mod - http://labs.assettocorsa.jp/downloads/addon/patch-fix-graphic-wobbling

And my car is still violently shaking, like as If I didn't install it at all. It's horrible and I am unable to drive this track because of it :/
Could need some new love, but great! Watch it:
It is AWESOME, I would just love a miniMap and some spawn points! Otherwise, AWESOME :D Please a miniMap would help not wiping out!! or else some spawn points.. Getting put back 20min of driving is a real pain in the ass. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Great :)
Fantastic map , thank you for a car wash to do a fat burnout in.
Almost as good as driving around this place irl.
Thank you!
My favorite mod of all. I just love driving, much more than racing, and this one is perfect for that since it's so big you can drive for hours. Only small problem I found was a couple of times when I hit a road post or whatever they're called and I couldn't go on, the car would not go backwards or forwards. Maybe there is a way to restart your position or something but I just don't know how. It hurt having to restart when I was halfway to the end but what the hell, it's such a pleasure to drive this that I don't care. Fantastic track!
It's a really good mod, but it would be great if you could ad in some more spawns and fix the vibrating of your car. But other than that, the mod is excellent.
I simply love this track. This is my favorite mod for AC! Very immersive in VR... feels like u are driving in a real road. The lenght is super... 30-40min driving to complete a single lap. I am looking forward for updates. =)
merci beaucoup pour le travail
my force feedback vibration is off the charts with this, no matter what car....spoils an excellent mod
Would be an excellent map if you fix the constant vibrating of the car. Happens with any car, anywhere on the map.
Grant Hendry
Grant Hendry

Download and install this and you will shake no more when stationary
thank you very much Sir.
super cool map.... Lords of Disasters sponsored a 40 slot server... Really cool... please keep working on it.... really nice... i hope you will proceed with new projects too... thx for this nice map...
This is GREAT fun!! Such a huge map with so many lovely details to discover. Can only imagine how much work this must have been!

I made a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhX0dWkBSdg
Abosolutely amazing! the best free roam map in assetto corsa, its just so complete. Maybe there are one or two minor texture faults. but Idgaf ! Love the dodgy advertising too
Need to check the guardrails and some signs.
I would put more traffic signals
There is still a lot to do, but it looks great!
Thank you. The scenery looks great!
Great track, but no matter what car I drive it always shake (standing still, driving, on road and off road).
Grant Hendry
Grant Hendry
You only get the shaking when sitting still due to the origin spawn point being so far away from the 0.0.0 point on the map. any shaking you get driving, off road or on road is down to the rough surface of the road

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