1. jurik1984

    Estonia-25 0.9.1

    Estonia-25 was the first TARK car with a monocoque and a pus-rod suspension. It also used gas-filled shock absorbers for the first time. Monocoque for cars was gathered on the Kamov Helicopter Plant. The project was started in 1987, and the first cars began racing in 1990. Cars performed in...
  2. jurik1984

    Estonia-18 1.0

    Estonia-18 was a modified Estonia-16M. The main difference was the new engine - Lada 21011 (instead of Moskvitch-412), new fuel tanks, what arranged along sides and 4-speed gearbox. The first car was built in 1972, and its first race was the 1st stage of the Soviet Union racing championship in...
  3. jurik1984

    Lada 2105 A2 group 1.1.2

    Lada 2105 is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive compact class car, restyling version of the Lada 2101. This version is racing car A2 group for Soviet Union touring championship and for Cup of Peace and Friendship championship. ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE Click here if you'd like to donate something for...
  4. jurik1984

    Estonia-3 1.0

    It was first serial formula car in USSR constructed by A. Seiler and V. Paazik. Estonia-3 based on early car - Estonia-1 (by A. Seiler, 1958). First car was build at 1959. Serial production started at end of 1960. 36 cars was build to 1962. Prototype for all early TARK cars (E-1, E-2 and E-3)...
  5. jurik1984

    Metalex MTX1-06 0.9.5

    This car was must to replace another Metalex's car - MTX 1-03. It was based on experimental MTX 1-04. Vatslav Pauer (constructor) made new light weight frame and new aerodynamics which made in association with Institute for Aviation Research and Testing in Letnany. Suspension was based on MTX...
  6. jurik1984

    RAF 80 0.9.5

    Third construction by Vesely brothers was based on RAF-79 - first Vesely's car with ground effect. Brothers got help with aerodinamics from engineer Karl Dlouhe. Brothers used this cars from 1980 to 1985 years. Jan Vesely take champion title in 1983 in Czechoslovakian Formula Easter league. In...
  7. jurik1984

    Melkus MT77 1.2

    The MT 77 racing car was designed and built in 1977 by Ulli Melkus and Hartmut Thaßler (M means Melkus and T for Thaßler). It was the most massive and basic race car of the GDR in the Friendship Cup from 1977 to 1990. Ulli Melkus won 5 championship titles in the Friendship Cup on this car...
  8. jurik1984

    Lada 2101 A2 group 2K skinpack 1.2

    It's 2K skinpack for Lada 2101 A2 group, mod's skins are 4K. Download this if you want more light skins!
  9. jurik1984

    Estonia-20 1.0.1

    It was main formula (F-3 and Easter) car in Soviet Union in first half of 1980s. Constructed by Mart Kongo and Yury Iva in 1979. The basis of the car was Raul Sarap's Estonia-19M. It had 1300 Lada engine and 4-speed ZAZ gearbox. Toivo Asmer (1980, F-3), Aleksander Medvedchenko (1981, 1982...
  10. jurik1984

    Estonia-21 1.1.2

    Soviet Union (Estonian Soviet Republic) Formula Easter car. Maybe it was the first car with a ground-effect in Eastern Europe. It was made in 1980 by Raul Sarap in TARK factory. The prototype car was a Lotus-81. It had 1300 Lada engine and 5-speed ZAZ gearbox. It was champion car for 1987...
  11. jurik1984

    Metalex MTX1-03 1.3

    Model MTX1-03 was based on the previous model MTX1-02. Since the Friendship cup had limited tuning of the engine, Metalex decided to focus on the chassis and aerodynamics. The first car participated in the championship in 1975. In 1976 began mass production. A total of 53 cars made. Production...
  12. jurik1984

    Avia AE2 1.1

    It was third handmade formula car created by czech driver and constructor Vaclav Lim. Avia AE2 was his car for Cup of Peace and Friendship and Czech Formula Easter championship from 1978 for 1983 years. It had 1300 Lada engine and 4-speed Wartburg gearbox. It was champion car for 1979 and 1980...