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Metalex MTX1-03 1.3

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Model MTX1-03 was based on the previous model MTX1-02. Since the Friendship cup had limited tuning of the engine, Metalex decided to focus on the chassis and aerodynamics.
The first car participated in the championship in 1975. In 1976 began mass production. A total of 53 cars made. Production ceased in 1981.
The car was used with the Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Bulgary teams.
This modification "C" was created in 1978. The author is Jiri Moskal from LIAZ Jablones club. It had better aerodynamics and it was faster than MTX1-03B.

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3D modelling
Karel Marciniszyn, Yuriy Zhabin, Alexey Cheshenok

2D artists

Karel Marciniszyn, Yuriy Zhabin


Dmitriy Alekseev, Yuriy Zhabin


Yuriy Zhabin

Test drivers

Konstantin Tkachenko, Alexey Yaushev, Gregory Klekov, Alexey Cheshenok, Dmitriy Sysoev

Official online championship: or
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101.9 MB
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5.00 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.3

    What's new? - some new skins - fixed some shaders - fixed mass - fixed UI
  2. Version 1.2.5

    What's new? - fixed tyres and brakes - fixed sound - fixed flames - skins from contest Official...
  3. Version 1.2.3

    What's new? - fixed flying tyres - new brake disks model - aero fixes - TV cam for bonnet camera...
  4. Version 1.2

    What's new? - tyres v10 - more skins!!!
  5. Version 1.1.5

    What's new? - sound fix - 5 rims sets - new rear wing for B-version - skin of Jaroslaw Surowka...

Latest reviews

Good works thanks
I can not get this mod to run. i choose cars and click start and it goes back to the menu.
I have installed lots of other mods and they work fine, can you help me with this.?
It looks like a great mod and want to try it but can not.
It can be 7z bug. Redownload and reinstall please!
i like it, very believeable.
a lot of version too. just improve the interior model and it will be perfect. extremely fun to throw around magione
In place of all your cars: great little cars, so much fun to drive. Very nice 3D-models. Would be a dream if the Interior especially the gauges has a more realistic look - for example as the Kunos Lotus 49 or RSS Formula 79
Thanks! It's not final versions! It need some fixes and gauge too!
This is great! as others have said please also remove the driver head for VR users :) Thanks for the great mod!
i love these motors
You must to test another Formula Easter cars
Wow, what a lovely little racer this is very enjoyable..
Can you remove driver head though for the VR users, please!!
Another great easter open wheeler, very fun to drive and not crazy fast as newer formulas, again these are unexpected fun :)

Overall great quality, some minor interior details could be improved. Sometimes the shift light glare gets a bit annoying.

Race well with the Estonia and Avia.
Thank you! Wait for new versions and new cars!
Thanks! I think this is the only Formula car besides F1 from 70s and 80s in sim racing.
Maybe )
Fantastic car. Love all the variations you included. Sounds work fine for me. 5 Stars.
Very fun car but lost vehicle sounds with version 1.2. Grass and curb sounds only. Tried to over wright previous version and though this file is too small even tried replacing it but neither worked.

Is there a file in my previous version that contains the sounds I can copy over? Working fine with version 1.1.5 reinstalled.
Wow... 1.1.5 an 1.2 have one sounds!
Thank you !!!
Assetto Corsa - - Metalex MTX1-03 1.1.5 @Red Bull Ring GP T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-Cam)

Assetto Corsa - - Metalex MTX1-03 1.1.5 @Red Bull Ring GP T500RS 60FPS (TV-Cam)
What a great find, real fun and such good handling. Can't testify to the authenticity but as a labour of love I would reckon it's pretty high. Reminds me of how good the Skoda cup mod was in rF1, another Czech product.
Well done to all involved.
Thanks! Skoda cup - Octavia?
Thanks for this, but why part2? Where is part1? :)
See for VERSION HISTORY!!! ))) RD have filesize limit (((
Amazing fun. I almost did not bother with it due to its size and power but it's a total blast on Suzuka, great handling. Engine sounds terrific too.

Two suggestions: move the tach redline to start at the right spot (7k on the version I drove); and dim the shift light when it's off as I thought it was stuck on at first it was so bright.

But these are small concerns - great job. Plan to learn heel and toe shifting with this.
Thank you! Job isn't finished )
eccellente mod grazie
These cars are a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing and maybe creating (if you did), also to everyone else who was involved! This car is very controllable but if you really want you can make some funny stuff with it. Thanks a lot!