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Avia AE2 1.1

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It was third handmade formula car created by czech driver and constructor Vaclav Lim. Avia AE2 was his car for Cup of Peace and Friendship and Czech Formula Easter championship from 1978 for 1983 years. It had 1300 Lada engine and 4-speed Wartburg gearbox.
It was champion car for 1979 and 1980 seasons in czech championship and 1979 season for Cup of Peace and Friendship. Since 1982 season Lim start to use new his construction - Avia AE3. AE2 was sold for czech driver Adolf Fesarek who used it for mountain racing. Today it's owned by Adam Klus.
It had two modification - 1300 for 1987 year and 1600 from 1987 to 1997. Today it have 1300 engine.


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3D modelling
Karel Marciniszyn, Alexey Cheshenok, Yuriy Zhabin

2D artists
Karel Marciniszyn, Alexey Cheshenok, Yuriy Zhabin

Dmitriy Alekseev, Yuriy Zhabin

Yuriy Zhabin

Test drivers
Konstantin Tkachenko, Alexey Yaushev, Alexey Cheshenok, German Fomin

Official online championship: https://vk.com/pfcevents or https://www.facebook.com/pfceventsac/
File size
234.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.86 star(s) 21 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.01

    What's new? - fixed FFB - fixed some shaders - fixed mass - fixed aero - fixed UI
  2. Version 1.0.8

    What's new? - fixed tyres and brakes - fixed sound - fixed flames - added F-1600 version as Avia...
  3. Version 1.0.6

    What's new? - fixed flying tyres - new brake disks model - aero fixes - TV cam for bonnet camera...
  4. Version 1.0.3

    What's new? - tyres v.10
  5. Version 1.0.2

    What's new? - sound fix - renamed second rims set Note: remove old version before installing.

Latest reviews

Amazing in VR:)
Good mod as usual from you, thanks
great! thx!)
Excellent. Finally audio works with AC 1.14.1 without change main SFX files everytime.
Well, I respect the work done here, really nice to see some people with enough passion and knowledge ;)
..but, For my point of view (and it's only my opinion), this mod (and others from the group) are really not finished...bad physics (way too much aero, too much braking, gear ratio too short, too simple tyres, bad view, or head position, etc...), so for the second time in one year, I tried, and quickly removed them...not enough close to reality...
But don't get me wrong, the work itself, is very good, I have made some mods, and I knows the work it represent...So thank you guys for sharing this work, don't give up :)
Thanks for honest review!) I know, we have this problems. I'll try to fix it.
So much fun! Great trainer car. Think I will start using this as an introduction car for friends trying out the simulator. And then after they leave, spend an hour smiling while driving it myself. Great work!
Thanks ))
Great car! Highly recommended around New Jersey Motorsports Park against the AI!
I'll try )
Absolutely love these cars. Thanks for making these. And thanks for sharing your work.
The best of the eastern open wheeler pack, easy and yet fun to drive. Seems to be the fastest of them all but still great racing together with the Estonia and Metalex. Unexpected fun with these cars :)

Overall high quality model but you almost see nothing in the side mirrors but that is probably not the author to blame ;)
This car is wonderful fun! It is just the right speed and grip level to learn about a new track. You can learn easily what is the fastest line due to the great feedback from the car. Great job!
Thank you! )) And you can test another Formula Easter cars!
Such a fun to drive! Great job!!
make for great driving. Very good fun on classic F3 tracks!
Thank you !!!
Assetto Corsa - zizhgames.ru - Avia AE2 1.0.2 @Red Bull Ring GP T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-Cam)
Drive this formula light is a pleasure. Thank you.
Great fun, like the MTX. I guess it has the identical engine, same sound and powerband. One idea for both of these - you might up the default FFB by 8% or so. I realize given their very light weight these cars would have light steering even without power assist but it seems just a bit light in default setting.
Hmmm.... I'll think about it...
grazie mille per la splendita mod
This car is just as nice to drive as the other mod you have out (MTX). Thanks again for this, its just a lot of fun. Give us more ;)
The car is great fun to drive. I love these "ugly duclings" (this and the mtx). Thanks!
ugly duckings? LOL))) It's part of history and we must to respect it.
grazie :)
And you ;)
Very well done, handling is a joy (even it is still on Tyre Model 7). 3D-Model could be a bit "prettier" and more detailed, but ok. A good and fun-to-drive enty-level open wheeler
Hi! Thanks! It's only 0.9.x version. Wait for 1.0 ) I hope to fix some misstakes.