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The Formula V12 has long been a favourite of mine, from it's sounds to the way it drives, especially after the tyre updates.

But it's always annoyed my that when I use a Formula V12 mod that represents a year the actual V12s got beat by a Williams Renault V10 or something...

Thus I started putting together a grid that involves only cars that ran 12 cylinders... V12s would of provided far too big of a gap between when the chassis ran and when enough V12s ran, and of course I didn't want to make a Ferrari only skin pack (That's something for another day)... I wanted more variety... Some drivers also doubled up so in some cases I've had to import a driver who drove for the team in a year prior or after than the car stated... Liberties were also taken when choosing numbers...

Formula 12s - Liveries and helmets

Ferrari 1990 - Prost 1 & Mansell 2
Ferrari 1980 Scheckter 1 and Villeneuve 2
Brabham Alfa Romeo 1979 Lauda 5 & Piquet 6
Brabham Yamaha 1991 - Brundle 7 & Blundell 8
Footwork Porsche 1991 - Alboreto 9 & Caffi 10
Team Lotus Lambo 1990 - Warwick 11 & Donnelly 12
Larousse Lambo 1993 - Alliot 19 & Katayama 20
Scuderia Italia Ferrari 1992 - Lehto 21 & Badoer 22
Minardi Ferrari 1991 - Martini 23 & Morbidelli 24
Ligier Lambo 1991 - Boutsen 25 & Comas 26
McLaren Honda 1991 - Senna 27 & Berger 28
Subaru 1990 - Gachot 31
Modena Team Lambo 1991 - Larini 34 & van de Poele 35
Life 1990 - Giacomelli 39

Talbot Gitanes Matra 1982 - Cheever 25 & Laffite 26
Malboro Alfa Romeo 1981 - Andretti 5 & de Cesaris 6

Fantasy liveries
Williams Renault 1996
Mercedes 1997 GT1 CLK - Schneider 3 & Ludwig 4

The pack comes with an AI file that has extreme values. Both to take advantage of the advanced damage model to represent the Life W12 engine and the Subaru H12 in all their smokey glory... As well as to allow the fast guys to find a way past them.... There's also 2 xml files so you can run with the back markers who blow up or the fast guys and the fantasy liveries...

As such any feedback on the AI would be appreciated... They work great at Spa and the new tracks but not so good at Adelaide or Montreal...

So treat the AI as WIP and the liveries and helmets will get updated in time...



Latest updates

  1. Reiza broke the helmets

    Reiza have changed the helmets again... The helmets can be disabled in the xml if you delete...

Latest reviews

tx dude
Bert Austen
great work , the helmets are thats makes the difference! thanks
Fantastic! Thank you
Special thanks for the helmets! Would like to see them in every openwheel skinpack :)
Excellent work, the designs are great, and we get helmets too! Love it.
Perfect. All the details are in the right place, thank you for your work !
Well Done!
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