Which game for the Olympic Virtual Series?

  • Assetto Corsa

    Votes: 109 21.4%
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Votes: 166 32.6%
  • rFactor 2

    Votes: 66 13.0%
  • iRacing

    Votes: 87 17.1%
  • Formula One

    Votes: 18 3.5%
  • Gran Turismo Sport

    Votes: 31 6.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 32 6.3%


  1. Noctam

    Tracks What breaks the checksum of a track for online compatibility?

    RD has some wonderful updates in the misc section to enhance some "old" tracks but I'm worried to run into checksum error when playing online. I would like to know what are the files that one should not touch to keep the mod online compatible? For example SRS is running some races in Algarve at...
  2. THE Giulliano Larin

    Ottawa Motorsports Park CamTool replay by GiuNiral 2020-11-03

    CamTool cameras for all versions of the track
  3. Rogeriosds2012

    Nextion 4.3" Project for Assetto Corsa game 1.4

    Hello my friends. I present to you a project for screens Nextion 4.3 "that I developed for the game Assetto Corsa Competizione but it is also functional in the original game. And as many times people who do not have the second game do not find this project, I decided to put it here too. Now...
  4. egem99

    F1 2020 Let my own car use AI

    I want AI to use my car like "AI vs AI" anyone help me ?
  5. K

    DRS Zones Added for "valencia" (Valencia Street Circuit) Based on F1 2011 Championship Season 1.0

    This is the version of the circuit that I use seen below (From Assetto Corsa Club): https://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/valencia-street-circuit.html The version of the circuit I had (at least) was missing active DRS zones. The default allowed DRS to be used throughout the lap. The zones...
  6. D

    Can anyone made 2019 season mod for F1 2012??

    Can anyone made 2019 season mod for F1 2012?? I search an f1 2019 mod for f1 2012, but i cant find that Can anyone made this mod??
  7. Creepsgesicht

    Assetto Corsa Splashscreen Pack 1.1

    Hey guys, I made a couple of AC splashscreens and wanted to share them with you. There are 62 loadingscreens included and all of them are 4k. I didn't make Screens for tracks located in the Pack from kelnor34 (exept for Kunos Tracks), so if you want to have Splashscreens for the most known...
  8. Littlefysh

    Sky Sports Reporter Pack 2019-02-11

    Very basic edit of the 4 textures for the reporter, her cameraman and her microphone. Changes their shirts to black/grey and replaces the generic logo with a Sky Sports one. Also changes the microphone to red and replaces that logo too. The usual .erp manual install or drag + drop. If you...
  9. S

    Looking for track modder (Paid work)

    Hi, I'm looking for a track modder that is able to make adequate changes to existing tracks on Assetto Corsa. This will include: Updating textures Updating kerbs Changing slight layouts All work will be paid and we're happy to negotiate the price and time scale to complete the work required...
  10. IMrIMike

    Custom Miscellaneous Sound Pack by IMrIMike 1.21

    Custom Miscellaneous Sound Pack by IMrIMike. Alternative common bank featuring new custom, high quality samples for the following events: - Ambience (only works on tracks that actually use ambient sounds) - Dirt (will take a while to shake off all the gravel, stones and marbles out of the...
  11. F1TomeeHD

    Best Moments of 2000s On The Screen [WORKS ONLINE] 2.0

    Hello guys! Here is my brand new Monitor Screen pictures to this. These are tone of the best moment's of teams' histroy in the 2000s & 2010s. Pictures of the moments: Mercedes: 2016 Rosberg's Champion donuts in Abu Dhabi Ferrari: Michael Schumacher 2004 World Champion win Redbull: Vettel's...
  12. F1TomeeHD

    Car Models & Brands on Pit Screens [WORKS ONLINE] 1.0

    Hello guys! I was thniking about that the unused monitor in pit is so pixelfull and boring so i decided to make it better. I hope you like it. Every information available in the readme file. CARS: Mercedes: Mercedes AMG GTR Ferrari: Ferrari 488 Pista Redbull: Aston Martin V12 Vantage Torro...
  13. K

    AMAZING PPfilter by Kbeau 2018-07-05

    Hey everyone, this PPfilter is meant to work with the Good and Bad weather mod. Let me know how you like it! Tweak in game saturation as needed, for my monitor it's perfect.
  14. Rogerson Roller

    Assetto Corsa - Showroom Basic Day refurbished 1.0

    Installation: Unzip the folder ''showroom_V2'' in this directory :----> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\showroom.
  15. Peugeot905

    URD_PX1_Revolution(Rebellion R One) More Realistic Physics 1.0

    Greetings this is a slight physics update to the URD Revolution if any one owns the mod. To make this mod work drop the data folders for the appropriate cars urd_px1_revolution and urd_px1_revolution_v6 remove the existing data.acd from both car folders for this to work. Also don't forget to...
  16. IceF1DE

    Realistic Damage Mod für F1 2015 und 2014 Saison 1.0

    Diese Realistic Damage Mod ist für F1 2015 und 2014 Saison. This Realistic Damage Mod is for F1 2015 and 2014 Season.
  17. rostbiffen300

    Eddie Meduza CD Cover Art! 1.0

    Eddie Meduza cover art, now released to you finnish/swedish raggers out there :geek: No music included, only cover art. Video: Creator: RP [Rasse] //enjoy! :whistling:
  18. Please Stop This

    AC Cars+Tracks TecSpecs ExcelScanner 3.8a

    Based on the awesome "AC Cars and Tracks Technical Data (Excel 2013) 1.11", I made my own with some vba stuff. It works on click of a button, is reasonably fast and contains some macros. For inspection, the macros are included as textfiles too. Have fun. These Excel files DO NOT contain ANY...
  19. BrennFuchS YT

    My Summer Car Stock Satsuma 1.1

    Best Satsuma on Earth Valve setting 18 7
  20. C

    Mark Hates Kittens Save File 2018-01-08

    I DO NOT OWN THIS FILE! ALL CREDIT IS TO MARK HATES KITTENS! please don't sue me. As I said, this file rightfully belongs to mark hates kittens. go to his channel and tell him this is were you got it. All rights reserved to Mark Hates Kittens.