1. morningsnagou56

    mini cooper 2

    replaces the first livery replaces the second livery i dont own anything and iam not responsible for its use
  2. morningsnagou56

    citroen ds21 logic board 1.1

    A completly original and simple pcb livery of the citroen ds21, it occupies the slot of the first livery(blue) seems to work online, i do not own anything of it nor am i responsibble for its usse.
  3. AlCad

    Cars Ford Puma 1.7 (1997-2002)

    Hi everyone, My name is Alex. First post here ! Warning, VERY long first post. I've been interested in creating modded content for years now (back in the GTA Vice City / Rfactor days) and became really enclined to dive into physics with Assetto Corsa. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that in the...
  4. snapu

    1994 Zhonghua Zidantou CHB6401TA 1.00

    1994 Zhonghua Zidantou CHB6401TA Version 1.00 The long awaited, Zhonghua. Credits 3D Model: Snips (Fully scratch made) Assetto Corsa Port/CSP Work: ZZ Physics: Mugenn Sound: Vilau Paints: Draik and some other people This car supports/has: RainFX, Refractions, AO, PBR As per usual you will need...
  5. Morimaru

    Honda Civic Type R EP3 Cup 0.42b

    Original Civic EP3 model by Patrick Melo Modesto Physics, assets and skins edited by Morimaru Sound is from Honda S2000 J's Racing Maou-Spec by ДЯДЯ ДИМА *Some minor visual bugs. If you find any serious bug, please let me know. *No wipers, no rain mods compatible windshield. Started in...
  6. Wacker2611

    (Rephrased) Entry Level Touring Cars?

    I know I've asked a similiar question before, but does anyone know if there's any more really back to basics, simple race cars on assetto corsa modding platforms? What I'm after is really similiar to the turismo nacional argentenian touring cars I already know are on RD. These are a ford focus...
  7. Wacker2611

    Cars Entry level race cars?

    Does anyone know if there are any more really simple, high quality race cars? What I mean by this is like basic commuters, saloons or hatchbacks with a little weight reduction, a roll cage and a racing dash. That means no aero, no higher horsepower and no different body panels. I'd prefer decent...
  8. A3DR

    Honda Prelude SN - Mr. X Edition 0.5

    Based off Richard Voaden's project called Mr. X https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=38425 https://www.facebook.com/MRXPrelude/ I wanted to leave this out in the open since we've been working on it with Jason (@aphidgod ) for quite a while now, and I believe physics are in a sweet spot to deliver a...
  9. Fuzo

    TM-Modding 2020 proTyres ini&lut pack 5

    INI and LUT pack for our cars downloadable from tm-modding.eu and Racedepartment.
  10. Fuzo

    Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 2.2

    Trained Monkey Modding team presents Skoda Octavia Cup - 2018 specs. This car is based on Skoda Octavia RS 3rd. generation and is used in Octavia Cup Series in middle Europe. This mod is our first mod and was created with help of real mechanics and was tested by real drivers, so our priority was...