1. General_Failure

    Super TC2000 2.1

    Hybrid mod that offers a mix of the two more important racing categories in Argentina, the SuperTC and TC TECHNICAL SPECS Engine: 3.0L Inline-6 Multivalve Power & Torque: 421 HP @ 8900 rpm // 340 Nm @ 8300 rpm Mass & Weight distribution: 1.100 Kg (57% Front / 43% Rear) Car Layout: Front...
  2. Fuzo

    Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 proTyres ini&lut pack 4

    INI and LUT pack for our Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 mod
  3. Fuzo

    Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 2.1

    Trained Monkey Modding team presents Skoda Octavia Cup - 2018 specs. This car is based on Skoda Octavia RS 3rd. generation and is used in Octavia Cup Series in middle Europe. This mod is our first mod and was created with help of real mechanics and was tested by real drivers, so our priority was...
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