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Honda Civic Type R EP3 Cup

Honda Civic Type R EP3 Cup 0.42b

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assetto civic cup promo.jpg

Original Civic EP3 model by Patrick Melo Modesto
Physics, assets and skins edited by Morimaru
Sound is from Honda S2000 J's Racing Maou-Spec by ДЯДЯ ДИМА

*Some minor visual bugs.
If you find any serious bug, please let me know.
*No wipers, no rain mods compatible windshield.

Started in 2011, the Civic Cup has grown steadily since its formation to become a must-see event at any race meeting it visits. The Civic Cup enjoys big budget features and lap times on big grids, but with clubman entry fees and running costs.

Based on the iconic Civic Type R, our cars offer incredible performance with tightly controlled regulations to ensure some of the closest front wheel drive racing in the UK.

The championship caters for enthusiasts of Civic models from 2001 to 2013, and provides a fast, close and exciting form of motorsport with tightly controlled regulations.

With identical power to weight ratios, all cars race in a single class. There are a number of mandatory parts to improve performance and handling, whilst keeping costs to sensible levels and ensuring incredibly competitive racing.

With the Championship dominated in recent years by the EP3 and FN2 models, Civic Cup is now only open to 2.0l Civic Type R models.

These cars have become extremely popular due to their cost effective build specification yet offer incredible levels of performance. Powered by standard K20a2 or K20z4 engines with limited and closely regulated bolt on parts, they generate 230BHP, and are arguably the most closely fought single-make saloon cars in the UK today.

Latest updates

  1. Assetto Corsa Civic Cup EP3 0.42

    List of 0.42 changes -New real life skins and driver profiles. (Up to 16 skins) -Corrected car...

Latest reviews

car is awesome, good job!
Fun little car. Drives nicely and sounds good.
great mod, cant wait for fn2 civic to be updated
Fantastic work. Me and a friend raced these in a 6 race SRS championship.
Absolutely awesome 5 Stars
Lots of fun, good predictable handling, and the AI behaved very well. https://youtu.be/T4SMU9-lElE
make another version easy to drive
beautiful mod easy and fun to drive. Is it possible to have the template?
Thanks! you have the template inside skins folder
This car is excellent, it is so much fun to race or just hotlap! My daily driver is a 2002 Civic SiR, so it is great to be able to race it in a sim.
SO glad to hear that mate, feedback from EP owners is meaningful.
So much fun to drive and consistently updated
Thanks Taylor!
This mod is up there with the best ;) keep up the good work :)
Will try my best, thanks!
With new car physics and 16 skins I give you 5 stars. Great work and thank you for sharing it. Racing with this car is very fun
A true man on honor, thanks Max.
I had a lot of fun driving it! Amazing car!
Thanks a lot! working on next week update!
great car, thanks for sharing
Thanks for test it. ;)
Didn't expect me to like it, but I liked it very much! Someone wrote that there are few skins, but the car itself is worth all five stars, thanks!
Next week, will post 0.42 version, about 6 new skins, minor physics changes and wheel material remade.
Thanks mate!
Fantastic one!
Thanks for the feed João
thanks great car, any chance of an fn2 civic?
Not only a chance, gonna be a future update.
Amazing mod love it :) even damage wich is something most modders dont even bother :P
Glad you like it.
Thank you for this car. I was looking for it around the web to include this Honda Civic Cup between the Championships listed into my CSV file for the App Racing Championship Manager by Desirromet. the car handle very good for me. I do not give you 5 stars but only four to solicitate you to increase the number of skins at least up to 14/15 which I consider the minimum to set a decent championship
I'm working on it. It's in my mind to include also FN2 Civics.
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