Skoda Octavia Cup 2018

Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 2.2

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Trained Monkey Modding team presents Skoda Octavia Cup - 2018 specs. This car is based on Skoda Octavia RS 3rd. generation and is used in Octavia Cup Series in middle Europe. This mod is our first mod and was created with help of real mechanics and was tested by real drivers, so our priority was mainly physics and behavior of the whole car,not the detailed model, but we did what we were able to do to make it as best as possible :)

TM Modding team:
Roman "Fuzo" Fusaty - 3D graphics and animations
Tomas "LumpTom" Hrouda - 3D graphics
Michal "Weron" Soltes - physics
Arch - physics consulting
ACFan - sounds
TheSourceOfTheNile - real FULLINRACE Academy team skin pack
Racingtech CZ - custom skins from Virtual Octavia Cup (

We would like to thank all other contributors and people who helped to further improve this mod, especially Foli, Trewor, Kypo, JoshuaxVGOS, x4fab, real drivers Petr Fulin and Petr Cizek and a lot of testers in our community.

Mod highlights:
  • Shader pack ready
  • working wiper and door animations (BLM car rain effect ready)
  • Physics was created and finetuned by original mechanics and drivers of real Octavia Cup and top simracing drivers in CZ/SK community
  • interchangeable track maps in cockpit (based on real series 2018) - manual installation only :D
  • our first mod :)

What's new in version 2.2
Quite a lot of news mostly not visible by eye but a lot of stuff was improved and reworked to make the mod more accessible to community racing, because it was created for that purpose. Suspension physics was reworked, now the car shouldn't try to kill you in every corner, LODs were reworked according to AC standards and some issues were fixed. Since this version had a lot of changes it is possible that some bugs and issues can appear, but I guess it shouldn't be anything serious.

If you will find any issues with our mods head to our new discord server and report it there :)
Mod version: 2.2 contains real Fullinrace Academy skin pack (by @TheSourceOfTheNile), default skins and some skins from our local championship created by Racingtech CZ. Template for skinning is included in the mod. Stay tuned for updates...

Latest updates

  1. Update 2.2

    Updates and fixes in this version: optimized meshes, materials and reworked LODs to improve...
  2. Update 2.1

    Fixes and updates in v. 2.1: Fixed rear lights bug Added digital position panels for leagues...
  3. Update 2.0

    Fixes and updates in v. 2.0: Physics: tweaked dampers (fast bump/rebound) tweaked ride height...

Latest reviews

Great fun!
Is the car not meant to have any headlights? rear lights,dash and brakes work great.
there were no headlights in real car, unnecessary extra weight... but the update which I have already prepared will have headlights.
Excellent mod
A blast to drive!
this is one of the best car mods I've driven
Just did a 10 lap race at Knockhill UK with 100% AI, 100% Aggression, started in last place (24th) and battled my way up to 8th.
Probably one of the most fun races I've had against the AI in Assetto Corsa, this car is a right laugh to drive! I love it! My fav FWD Car at the moment!
Great FWD Standard Race car!
it drives amazing, looks very good and it was easy to download, the sound is not good at all and it seems like having too much grip
One of the best modern FWD touring car out there
Had a blast driving the Skoda in a little Cup i was in. Great car and such a quality Mod. Thank you
The internal sound has deteriorated compared to the previous version. I cannot understand him. Otherwise a pretty good car!
One of the best FWD touring car available for AC.
The physics and external sound are amazing. Thank you.
Fabulous mod! Thank you bery much!! :)
Excellent mod. New physics and sound is amazing. Thank you so much!
Amazing car!
awesome, thank you :)
Almost perfect
Good job !
tenia muchas ganas de conducir este coche
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4.73 star(s) 84 ratings

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