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Automobilista freezes at start up


it goes into full screen and boom freezes and i have no clue why a complete new instalation doesnt help

Wolf WolfZ

Wolf WolfZ
I had similar issue , except it would crash at the end of track loading. New install. Turns out if I turn of my DD1 then boot up the game and go into track it works , then I turn on DD1 , go into controllers and click on the refresh button and it Goes . Awesome in VR to . Graphics are all on full and the G2 looks great. I wish they optimized the graphics in all sims like this .
If you have logitech g hub installed you may find that is the problem. Both rfactor and AMS now go to black screen after opening splash screen for me. I found that the latest version of g hub is freezing both sims. I found this out by uninstalling g hub. After i did this, both sims would run again... but my g29 then doesnt have all functions available... pain in the ass when all sims were running fine up until g hub 2021.5
Thanks for that.
Now that the logi site does have actual links to older versions (instead of all old links leading to latest version), i have installed the older 2021.3 g hub and now all sims work again.
Was as i suspected, the latest version was troublesome.