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  1. K

    Pedal wiring question

    I bought some used CSR Elite pedals yesterday that need some love. Here is a photo of the circuit board as well as a reference of what the 4 cables coming off the pedals look like. The accelerator pedal wire has its female plug ripped off, and it seems like the circuit board is missing its male...
  2. Z

    Fanatec CSR elite V1 broken?

    Hey guys! I just ordered CSR elite V1 pedals from eBay and I'm not sure if they are working correctly. The brake pedal has the load cell which is why I bought it. But it feels like as if the brake booster on your car was broken. It's incredibly stiff. I've previously only used normal pedals and...
  3. jdpkeeper

    Sell Fanatec Forza CSR Wheel, CSR Elite Pedals, Shifters & Stand - PC Xbox 360 PS3

    Very good condition csr wheel, csr elite pedals, gated and sequential shifter, and stand. Includes desk clamp and permanent mounting plate. It's in good working condition. I just don't use it much or have the space for it anymore. Will split the stand from the wheel. SOLD
  4. Tuomas Saarinen

    Wanted Old Fanatec CSR, H-pattern shifter lying around?

    Canceled / Turned out to be a wheel firmware issue, second re-install got the shifter working again. -- Broke my shifter and looking for a quick budget replacement. I would only really need the H-pattern shifter unit to keep shipping cost down, please reply if you have one lying around and you...
  5. monsieurjackb

    FFB with a T300

    Hey everyone, I've recently upgraded from a Fanatec CSR to a Thrustmaster T300 and I really do mean upgraded. I mean in every other game the FFB is on another level but for some reason I can't get it dialled in on AMS. It's a shame because SCE then AMS had by far the greatest FFB of any sim with...