SimHub AutoDim Plugin 1.0

Automatically dim your leds when it gets dark!

  1. Morgan Gardner
    SimHub AutoDim Plugin


    This plugin enables SimHub to automatically set the RGB leds brightness depending on the current time.

    The dim and un-dim times can be set (24 hour), as well as the percentage values, in the plugin's settings page (see image above).


    The plugin has three properties which can be displayed in a dash, screen etc.


    The plugin also has two events which can be assigned to a wheel button, keyboard press etc. These can be used to toggle the autodim on/off, as well as override the plugin (if enabled).

    To install, simply copy the AutoDim.dll file and paste it next to the SimHub.exe file (in the same folder). This directory is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub


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