Studio 397 have released a new hotfix update to the electric powered eX ZERO 2021 racer within the rFactor 2 racing simulation.

The new release is relatively minor in size, and comes off the back of several recent build updates from the Dutch development studio for the car.

Originally designed as a project in conjunction with former DTM champion Mike Rockenfella, the eX ZERO 2021 has been created as a fully electric, high performance 4-wheel drive bespoke racing car, that utilizes real world data in order to replicate an experience that would have been felt by the drivers, had the car been developed in real life.

rFactor 2 | eX ZERO 2021 Release: Click Here.

The car features regenerative energy modes and only a single gear, with massive torque and lively handling making it one of the more... playful cars in the current arsenal of content available within rFactor 2.

The new update, deployed Wednesday 21st April, should download automatically the next time you restart your Steam client.

RCCO eX Zero 2021 v1.39
  • Significant reduction in dirty air
  • Stronger slip stream and stronger draft
rf2 eX ZERO 2021 1.jpg