Kunos Simulazioni Celebrates 8 Year Anniversary of Assetto Corsa Launch

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Eight years ago today, Kunos Simulazioni released Assetto Corsa into Early Access on Steam.

A tweet from the official Assetto Corsa account reminded fans of the title that it has been eight years since the sim racing title was released into Early Access on Steam. They also used the moment to thank the community that has stood behind them through the years.

If there were a Mount Rushmore of racing simulators, Assetto Corsa would rightfully have a spot on it. AC has become equally well known for its third-party mods as it is for its base content. Thanks in equal measure to a very active community that has grown the available content for the title to an almost inexhaustible amount, and to Kunos’ work in delivering a solid base game, the sim is more popular than ever eight years after its release.

Other than a few small tweaks, development work has ceased for Assetto Corsa. Kunos shifted their focus to Assetto Corsa Competizione after AC, which has been another successful title for the game studio. While there are very few public details available at this time, Kunos has confirmed that Assetto Corsa 2 is in development.

On behalf of the RaceDepartment staff, congratulations to our friends at Kunos for the eight-year anniversary of your timeless racing simulator.

RaceDepartment continues to be among the most active sectors of the Assetto Corsa community, be sure to check out the Assetto Corsa Community Forums and the huge Assetto Corsa Modding Database often for the latest cars, tracks and more for AC.
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So glad I missed out on the pCars crowd funding and while looking for alternatives I learned of Assetto Corsa early access.

I had always been into racing games since sinclair 48k days (chase hq, lotus turbo esprit) then transferred to the Amiga days (Geoff crammond's f1, indy 500, stunt car racer), before finally taking it to PC days on my pentium 75mhz with the original need for speed "the need for speed" (thanks A3DR for your recreations) and porsche challenge.

Didn't realise how much I had missed it until installing Assetto Corsa, within weeks I had ordered a t500 to strap to my desk, since then I've spent too much on sim hardware and the obsession has even seen me driving epic roadtrips around Europe visiting many of the featured tracks, attending the 24h spa, and even 'bumping' into Aris when I was visiting his hometown.

Strange where this hobby takes you and wonder how different my life would have been had I not found Assetto Corsa when I did

Thanks kunos
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Never going to be beaten. Better is not in demand. Worse is not an option. This will unfortunately spin for 8more years, and will probably outlast AC2 if it won't be engineered to the audience precisely enough.
At first I had a hard time setting this sim up, but since have learned that this is the easiest sim to mod and un-mod. Thanks to Race Department for all the great mods over the years. As of today I have logged 2,496 hours. That's a bunch of hours. Enjoy it.
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I hated this game at the beginning (maybe until late 2016 or early 2017), but things keep improving and, at the end, it was amazing.

Fell like AMS2 is going the same way, but earlier in it's development cycle. Hope AC2 don't start flawed as AC1 and ACC at their beginning. Kunos enjoy their success and spent all the time they need to launch the amazing sim we all are waiting... and don't forget that modding is what made AC great (at least 70% of it).
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this game has everything with mods in such a simple way, excluding maybe realistic deformations like BeamNG. I doubt that there will be a racing game with so many features until 2025. I think that AC is still ahead of competition thanks to wonderful modding community. Its more fun to drive realistically on coasts in AC than jump all over the place in FH# too.

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