2023 Formula One Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

Who are you supporting in the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 112 26.7%
  • Sergio Perez

    Votes: 45 10.7%
  • Charles Leclerc

    Votes: 77 18.3%
  • Carlos Sainz

    Votes: 26 6.2%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 59 14.0%
  • George Russell

    Votes: 25 6.0%
  • Fernando Alonso

    Votes: 211 50.2%
  • Lance Stroll

    Votes: 9 2.1%
  • Esteban Ocon

    Votes: 12 2.9%
  • Pierre Gasly

    Votes: 20 4.8%
  • Lando Norris

    Votes: 25 6.0%
  • Oscar Piastri

    Votes: 12 2.9%
  • Nico Hulkenberg

    Votes: 21 5.0%
  • Kevin Magnussen

    Votes: 18 4.3%
  • Valterri Bottas

    Votes: 14 3.3%
  • Zhou Guanyu

    Votes: 6 1.4%
  • Yuki Tsunoda

    Votes: 11 2.6%
  • Nyck De Vries

    Votes: 19 4.5%
  • Alex Albon

    Votes: 8 1.9%
  • Logan Sargeant

    Votes: 20 4.8%

  • Total voters
Round 2 of the 2023 Formula One season takes place in Saudi Arabia this weekend on the Jeddah Corniche circuit. Here are all the stories to look out for.

Image Credit: Mercedes Benz Group Media

After a two-week trip across the Arabian desert, Formula One is paying Jeddah a visit in Saudi Arabia. This weekend is the Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix as the championship moves on to Round 2 of the season.

Compared to Bahrain, the Jeddah Corniche street circuit is a totally different beast. The fast-flowing nature of this high-speed venue is sure to produce a different pecking order to Bahrain. In fact, the tyre-shredding stop-start layout of Bahrain couldn't be further from the upcoming circuit if it tried.

The opening round of the season at Bahrain saw pre-season testing concerns become a reality as Red Bull proved this year will be a fight for second place. Elsewhere, a fantastic battle for the final step on the podium raged on throughout the race between Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Further down, an equally fraught competition for the lower point-scoring positions saw Alex Albon claim a point for Williams and Pierre Gasly climb from the back of the grid to the top-ten. The biggest surprise of the weekend was certainly the McLarens which suffered from major reliability issues all while showing little to no pace. It will be a difficult second race for them.

Top stories in F1 Jeddah​

Whilst Aston Martin showed they could keep up with the top teams in Bahrain, Jeddah is a different kettle of fish. Whether or not the AMR-23 can maintain its pace on the much faster street circuit is an important aspect of this week's event. This track will be a good representation of many circuits on the 2023 calendar, so if the team in green can compete this weekend, we'll know they're in for a season-long fight.

As mentioned above, McLaren had a torrid event in Bahrain. Not only were they off the pace, both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri fell to reliability issues early on. Although the more experienced Brit continued to the chequered flag, he was forced to stop regularly to top up on pneumatic fluid. Meanwhile, a total electronic systems malfunction rendered Piastri's car immobile. The Papaya squad will be hoping they can show what they have in the second round, though with upgrades not expected before Baku, it will be a tricky first quarter of the season.

The biggest heartbreak in Bahrain was when Charles Leclerc once again came to a halt in his Ferrari F1 car. An engine issue forced his retirement from the race. But it gets worse. The Monegasque already has a 10-place grid penalty for using too many ECU parts this season. On the Sunday in Bahrain alone, the Ferrari squad used up their two allowed ECU components meaning every new parts from now will incur a grid drop. This early on in the season, Ferrari will be worried that this is a recurring issue. It will be interesting to see if either driver has the same problem in Jeddah this weekend.

Aside from the Aston-Mercedes-Ferrari battle, the best on-track action was as ever provided by the midfield. From eighth down, drivers sat in a line fighting for the final points paying positions. We saw in qualifying for Race 1 that the entire field was close, which makes predicting a line-up impossible. It will be an important aspect of the early stages of the weekend to work out which teams are likely to score points this time out as the field shuffles once more.

Watch the 2023 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix​

As ever, Formula One race streams are available as part of the official F1 TV subscription while many channels around the world will show race coverage.

Timetable information for the 2023 Formula One Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

With practice getting away on Friday, fans can tune in as the work week comes to an end. Practice 1 starts at 14:30 CET whilst FP2 gets going at 6pm CET. Saturday's FP3 and Qualifying track action also gets underway at 14:30 and 18:00 respectively. You can watch the race from 6pm on Sunday CET as we find out if Red Bull really is the team to beat in 2023.

Will you be watching the 2023 Formula One Saudi Arabia Grand Prix?
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I know it's only practice but in FP3 it's approx 6 tenths from 3rd to 15th place! Max is an alien so in another world of ability but the field is mighty close to Perez's Red Bull.
Yeah its extremely close.
I was about saying f*** close - but used the sanitizing thing - to not get banned again :roflmao:

But lets see in qual and more urgent tomorrow if Kevin and Guenther can find something extra.
Hulk gonna find it by himself - me think :ninja:

ByTheWay: I still dont really like Verstappen - but man he is good.
And it looks like he cannot be stressed by the competition to make faults.:thumbsup:
After qual
Its hard to admit - but the Hulk is consistently fast in both FP and Qual.
Hope Kevin dont loose his good humour :D

ByTheWay: Lets see if Hulky kan keep the front spoiler intact tomorrow :whistling:
Norris still needs a car to run at the front of the pack, LeClerc has/had that but threw it off the road too often last year, he had 8 poles and 3 three wins and two of those were in the first three races.
I'd put Norris higher than LeClerc for getting it home.
in fact if we were to extract Verstappen and place another driver in his seat then I believe that any of the below list would bring home the Championship (in no particular order)
and perhaps Stroll
Aaaaand he crashes out of Q1 on his own whiles his rookie teamie puts the car on Q3.
Well, what do you know... the Jeddah Gremlins were at it again... :confused: I like Checo but hope Alonso can get ahead of him at the start... 'coz that and having Max and Charles trying to make places from the back can make for a very exciting race! :D

Our club race last wednesday was at this circuit and I must say, I am glad they moved some of those walls a bit away from the kerbs because better visibility improves safety in this madness of a track. :thumbsup: Looking forward to the race!
And I am predicting a safety car within the first 10 laps. So let’s see…

I admit: that track makes me very uneasy. Not just the host country, the layout. It feels much too dangerous.
In the case of IndyCar, they race on several wall lined tracks however the track surfaces are not smooth.
F2 race is about to start
I'm pretty excited for this season after the first week end
Lets see what Martins & Pourchaire can do
Max has an opinionated view of the world that I find refreshing in today's BS corporate sucking positive wording trained mediaspeak that drivers use, he has an honest belief in himself and will not digest a view that's different from his own, it's probably come from Jos, he was also a straight talker, he ain't gonna fill your boots with stuff you want to hear, he'll just tell you how he sees it.
I like honesty.
Right on the money. This is one of the things that makes Max appealing to me (other then the talent he has for driving pretty much any discipline). Honesty has always ranked high on my list of personal traits for anyone I respect. Max isn't out there to cater to the whims of what people think an F1 driver should represent either as a role model or a racer.

Max exists to run his own race with a disciplined results focused approach. He's not afraid to take risks and he's not interested in distractions or what other people think other then those directly involved in getting the best results. The amount of time he puts in both on and off track is beyond what most people could sustain. A man truly dedicated to furthering his race craft at all times without compromising his own beliefs!

You get what you give in life and often, getting the best result doesn't necessarily translate to a controversy free approach. These days people get too caught up in social politics, "warm fuzzies", and charismatic personalities when none of that matters once the wheels hit the tarmac. :)
You get what you give in life and often, getting the best result doesn't necessarily translate to a controversy free approach. These days people get too caught up in social politics, "warm fuzzies", and charismatic personalities when none of that matters once the wheels hit the tarmac. :)
I think you are making him a bit too much weirdo.
I saw a video where he was (if I recall right) racing in a racing boat...
Or was it some racing car with so big wheels that it could drive on water.
Anyway - he was behaving exactly so normal as any guy on his age when he was beaten by another driver.
Pretty humanlike I would say - and absolutely no Jesus :roflmao:
Max is the real deal I've been saying that for years and I haven't always been thanked here at RD. I think his talent and that he doesn't let anyone drive him crazy (skysport tried it) are his strengths! although he can still be impatient at times, but don't forget that he is only 25 years old. As for the race today, I don't count myself rich on this unpredictable street circuit, anything can happen, staying out of trouble is one. We will see
This season is done and dusted, unless the Red Bull breaks down every second race. There is really no doubt left. Shame after 2 great and exciting seasons
Lap 45
Tsunoda is still doing a fantastic impression of a brick wall to keep Magnussen out of the points.

Lap 46
And finally, Magnussen has snatched P10 from Tsunoda, can he respond?
He is very angry, that's for sure.

LAP 47/50
Magnussen finally, finally gets past Tsunoda for P10.
The high-pitched yelp from the AlphaTauri cockpit tells its own story there.
Onto the last few laps, and Magnussen has already pulled away.

ByTheWay: Take that Hulk :)
Last edited:
F1 2020 "These tyres won't make it the end, man !" - does the fastest lap a few minutes later.

F1 2023 "There is something wrong with the driveshaft, I am concerned!" - does the fastest lap a few minutes later.

That's called evolution.
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Yet another weekend of #FireTheStewards;

- Sargent loses his qualifying lap because one tyre was over the white lines when the track limits are never enforced that way

- Alonso gets penalised post race because Mercedes whinge about the serving of the first penalty and the stewards flip flop after previously judging it to be fair.

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