1. SachinnosGames

    Fecha Inicio 2020 1.0

    Es para iniciar en el año desde el 01 del 03 del 2020. Sin fallas en la texturas.
  2. nhookdesign

    #36 Schuetz Motorsport Mercedes AMG GT3 02

    Schütz Motorsports 2019 ADAC GT-Masters livery for both AMG GT3 versions in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Feel free to visit my Instagram and Facebook page:
  3. johny5757

    Renault RS.20 skin / RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 v.1

    I won,t make another FH19 skin (so I believe, maybe I will make the Aston Martin and Alpine skins) so to finish the season off, I made a full 2020 Renault F1 skin pack (credits to PICK UP SPEED for the base skin of the Pre-Season skin, just I updated it), including the in-season one. It is nice...
  4. K

    2020 Le Mans JMW Motorsport 66 1.0

    For my fellow grieving Corvette Racing fans who are missing the sights of Jan Magnussen in a yellow rocket at Le Mans. Well grieve no more and tune in for the 88th Le Mans race to see him compete once again and add this model to your Ferrari collection (it's not quite perfect so I apologize)...
  5. Isaac Chavira

    [WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT] 2020 Ferrari Challenge EVO skin up for grabs

    Hello Lady Racers, I have a skin I made for Women in Motosport. The first female racer to PM me will have her name and nationality put on the car. I will change the flags on the mirror winglets and hood / bonnet air pressure vent. I will change the number to what ever you wish. The color is...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    2020 Formula One Spanish Grand Prix | Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the 2020 Formula One Spanish Grand Prix, round six of the shortened 2020 Formula One World Championship season. Two races at the Red Bull Ring, a short hop to the Hungaroring and then a double 70th Anniversary celebration at Silverstone later, and...
  7. Isaac Chavira

    2020 BMW CS M2 - Schubert Motorsport Cup Car 1.0

    This is my version of the 2020 Schubert Motorsport 30 Jahre Cup Car for the Green Monster. There is no window template so, I could not edit it. Please enjoy banging corners in this car. Just extract to C:/Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steam Apps > Common (The first folder is name rFactor 2...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Restrictions Be Gone: What Real World Motorsport Are You Most Looking Forward To Restarting?

    Slowly but oh so very surely the Covid-19 related restrictions on motorsport are starting to lift - and as racing springs back to life, which events / series are you most looking forward to watching again? Early warning - this is probably one of the least scientific polls you will ever see, and...
  9. arkloh

    Bentley HTP Motorsport 1.0

  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Community Question | Damage In Sim Racing - More? Less? Enough?

    Accidents happen, damage often causes an early end to those who are unwary - and sim racing simulates the real thing, but does it go far enough with car damage? I'm a massive fan of realism in my sim racing. From those hard to notice things like transmission flex to the more in your face...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Alex Zanardi Seriously Injured In Handbike Accident

    Former double IndyCar Champion and Grand Prix driver Alex Zanardi has reportedly been involved in a serious accident during a hand bike race in Italy. Media reports have suggested that the four-time Paralympic gold medal winner and all round motorsport superstar Alex Zanardi has sustained...
  12. DriftNacional

    VOLVO S40 GREY DriftNacional ISCAN MOTOR SPORT 01 01

    We want to share with our public the official designs of the Drift Nacional brand. We do FREE designs and labels for your cars. They are real or they are for simulation. We add your name and your favorite colors to our DriftNacional design. We attach an example to download. Feel free to upload...
  13. DriftNacional


    We want to share with our public the official designs of the Drift Nacional brand. We do FREE designs and labels for your cars. They are real or they are for simulation. We add your name and your favorite colors to our DriftNacional design. We attach an example to download. Feel free to upload...
  14. Sim Racer to Real World Racer

    Sim Racer to Real World Racer

    Kevin returns to continue his quest to become a racing driver. In this episode he takes some serious steps towards transferring from sim racer to real-world racer. Please like and subscribe, thanks.
  15. DTM Zandvoort 2020

    DTM Zandvoort 2020

    Lap of the Zandvoort's 2020 layout in the URD T5 mod with 2018 DTM skin pack for rFactor 2.
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | What Might Have Happened If... Jean Alesi Signed For Williams

    Murray Walker once famously said 'if' is 'F1' spelt backwards... ... and while that isn't strictly true, we can forgive our Murray as the sentiment is pretty much bang on the nose when it comes to the sport we love. Those of us with long memories might recall a young French Sicilian named Jean...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Opinion | How To Fix Formula One?

    Formula One Grand Prix racing has been around for a heck of a long time, celebrating a 70th anniversary this year no less, but some fans feel it is broken in its current form.. this is how I propose fixing it... I've spoken about this before at RaceDepartment (actually, many, many times), but...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 Postponed Until May At Earliest - IndyCar Until April

    In further COVID-19 motorsport disruption, the FIA have confirmed Formula One will be postponed until at least the Dutch Grand Prix in May, with IndyCar swiftly following suit in their acknowledgement that the start of the American season has been held until at least the end of April. Just...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Chinese Grand Prix 'Postponed' Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

    In fully expected news, the FIA have confirmed the fifth round of the FIA Formula One World Championship, the Chinese Grand Prix, will not take place on the schedule April 17th-19th date. With the ongoing global Coronavirus outbreak resulting in many Chinese sporting events to be cancelled or...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | 2020 Formula One Team Launch Schedule

    'Tis the season to be... no wait, that's done. Ok, it's not the season to be jolly, but it is the time to start getting excited about the upcoming new Formula One car launches... Yes, can you believe the new Formula One season is getting close to kicking off in Melbourne on March 15th? With...