1. haunetal1990

    Avus 1994 DTM 1.0

    Avus is back. Last year the track celebrates its 100th anniversary. The Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstraße ('Automobile traffic and training road'), known as AVUS, is a public road in Berlin, Germany. Opened in 1921, it is the oldest controlled-access highway in Europe. Until 1998, it was also...
  2. reflexp0000

    BMW Motorsports Helmet REQUEST

    This is a helmet I created as a request with the driver number - 8 and the French flag. This helmet is attached to BMW Motorsports Team so some of the sponsors on the helmet are from BMW Motorsports Team and some are my choice. Feel free to use the helmet. I'm open to requests, join my discord...
  3. Ferrari Velas Esports Series | Registrations Now Open

    Ferrari Velas Esports Series | Registrations Now Open

    The Ferrari Velas Esports Series kicked off with a guest filled celebration event this evening, with registrations for the championship having now opened up ahead of round one. Marking the first official action of the 2022 Ferrari Velas Esports Series tonight, the Scuderia put on a celebratory...
  4. Ferrari Velas Esports Series | Launch Event Live Stream: Tuesday 21:00 CET

    Ferrari Velas Esports Series | Launch Event Live Stream: Tuesday 21:00 CET

    Soon it will be time to join the virtual racing ranks of Ferrari as the famous Italian brand kick-start a new year of racing, in the newly renamed and refreshed Ferrari Velas Esports Series. With registrations set to open this Tuesday evening, the Scuderia have put together a festival of...
  5. Santi007

    Porsche Motorsport My Team 1.0

    PORSCHE MOTORSPORT MOD FOR F1 2021 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by Porsche 911 GT car and the entire brand. MOD FEATURES Standard package: Team badge Car livery Driver race suit (with cap, gloves and boots) You need to use Intergalactic (free unlockable) or Devon Butler (Deluxe DLC) skins...
  6. madmax_2a

    TheCozzieSR5_Sierra RS Cosworth Motorsports N°4 Rally 1000 Lakes 1988 -S.Blomqvist - B.Melander V1

    Hi all, :) When you look and download skins for any game, you have no idea how much time the person who did the livery spent with their photo editing software, so you have the right to not download the skins you looked at, but also think about the livery designer. :cautious: A like only takes...
  7. Santi007

    BMW Motorsport My Team 1.0

    BMW MOTORSPORT MOD FOR F1 2021 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by BMW Sauber and BMW Williams car colors and decals during the F1 2000 era. CONVERSION FROM MY MOD IN F1 2020. Credits to Double R that helped me to do some parts of the original mod for F1 2020 (and this is the adaptation in F1 2021)...
  8. Lucas351

    Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow 2.0

    Welcome to my new Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow mod for F1 2021! · IMPORTANT: If you want to record a video using my mod, first contact me. · NOTE: DON'T REUPLOAD AND EDIT THIS MOD. Screenshots: It replaces FERRARI If you need help, any problem. Please join my Discord server (NOT...
  9. Ferrari Esports Series | Qualification Race 2 Full Of Drama And Excitement

    Ferrari Esports Series | Qualification Race 2 Full Of Drama And Excitement

    The second qualification race of the Ferrari Esports Series at Laguna Seca produced an incredible display of speed and courage from the eventual winner and dramatic racing throughout the field. Top 12 drivers qualify for the main series. Next race at Vallelunga to feature brand-new 488 GT3 Top...


    #assettocorsa #simracing #racinggamesSo the hotlap was done,and I have to admit, the track and the BTCC carpack was really enjoyable, although I only have ...
  11. Haze Racing Design

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas W12 (Silver Arrows Edition) 2021-04-02

    #44 & #77 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Silver Arrows Pack, for the amazing Race Sim Studio FH21. Buy the car here - if you don't already have it! Car #44 L. Hamilton Car #77 V. Bottas Tyres thanks to @TheSourceOfTheNile ACSPRH Helmets thanks to @Marco17_ok You Do Not...
  12. SachinnosGames

    Fecha Inicio 2020 1.0

    Es para iniciar en el año desde el 01 del 03 del 2020. Sin fallas en la texturas.
  13. nhookdesign

    #36 Schuetz Motorsport Mercedes AMG GT3 02

    Schütz Motorsports 2019 ADAC GT-Masters livery for both AMG GT3 versions in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Feel free to visit my Instagram and Facebook page:
  14. johny5757

    Renault RS.20 skin / RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 v.1

    I won,t make another FH19 skin (so I believe, maybe I will make the Aston Martin and Alpine skins) so to finish the season off, I made a full 2020 Renault F1 skin pack (credits to PICK UP SPEED for the base skin of the Pre-Season skin, just I updated it), including the in-season one. It is nice...
  15. K

    2020 Le Mans JMW Motorsport 66 1.0

    For my fellow grieving Corvette Racing fans who are missing the sights of Jan Magnussen in a yellow rocket at Le Mans. Well grieve no more and tune in for the 88th Le Mans race to see him compete once again and add this model to your Ferrari collection (it's not quite perfect so I apologize)...
  16. Isaac Chavira

    [WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT] 2020 Ferrari Challenge EVO skin up for grabs

    Hello Lady Racers, I have a skin I made for Women in Motosport. The first female racer to PM me will have her name and nationality put on the car. I will change the flags on the mirror winglets and hood / bonnet air pressure vent. I will change the number to what ever you wish. The color is...
  17. Isaac Chavira

    2020 BMW CS M2 - Schubert Motorsport Cup Car 1.0

    This is my version of the 2020 Schubert Motorsport 30 Jahre Cup Car for the Green Monster. There is no window template so, I could not edit it. Please enjoy banging corners in this car. Just extract to C:/Program Files(x86) > Steam > Steam Apps > Common (The first folder is name rFactor 2...
  18. arkloh

    Bentley HTP Motorsport 1.0

  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Community Question | Damage In Sim Racing - More? Less? Enough?

    Accidents happen, damage often causes an early end to those who are unwary - and sim racing simulates the real thing, but does it go far enough with car damage? I'm a massive fan of realism in my sim racing. From those hard to notice things like transmission flex to the more in your face...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    Alex Zanardi Seriously Injured In Handbike Accident

    Former double IndyCar Champion and Grand Prix driver Alex Zanardi has reportedly been involved in a serious accident during a hand bike race in Italy. Media reports have suggested that the four-time Paralympic gold medal winner and all round motorsport superstar Alex Zanardi has sustained...