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Zusty 3.1

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INSTALL ZUSTY MANUALLY!!!!! (or else your game will be orange.)
Zusty is PP filter that is for Assetto Corsa. You will need the latest Sol and the latest CSP (Custom Shaders Patch). There are CSP and video settings in the download to. Also I have a second filter called Zusty Rich in the download link (outdated).
https://discord.gg/ZVmqcBQyeT Zusty Discord for help PHOTOS HERE

All of the photos are NOT EDITED they are real photos of Zusty and Zusty Rich

Latest updates

  1. Zusty

    new update for newest Sol also little fps boost
  2. Zusty

    performance boost in csp/video settings
  3. Zusty

    New settings for CSP and video. Also, updated for sol 2.1.1.

Latest reviews

It's the best pp filter I've tried so far (and I tried more than 10). 5/5.
Great filter, looks amazing and the fact that you have the settings included makes it soooo much easier to set up, I really like the work so far!
Great PP filter that really compliments CSP & Sol. The modder was even kind enough to include his settings so if you own a high end PC, it's all good to go. I will say, modder has "rendering frequency" set to 6 faces per frame. If you are using the latest version of Sol (2.1.1) your not supposed to exceed 2 faces per frame. Also, if your a gamepad user, you'll want to go in to CSP and turn off Neck FX as modder also has this enabled.

Everything else was perfect and is defintely one of if not the best PP filters for AC you can use. Stunning how lifelike it makes this game! Highly recommend using if you have the latest version of CSP and Sol :)
Thanks, i will change that to 2 faces right now.
MY fav PP filter so far
Like the new colors, but the last update is a real FPS killer in replays for some reason ?
It is a little heavier this update because I added those new colors.
My total go to filter !!!
So cool, thanks
Love this PPFilter....major game changer for me !
Great filter
Perfect for me during gameplay. However is there a way to turn down the DoF blur in replys? I feel it's too strong. Great job - this is now my default filter.
Maybe try turning down dof in video settings that might help. Also thanks
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