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Zombicide RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR

Zombicide RSS Hyperion 2020/Ford Mustang NASCAR V1

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If you are familiar with the board game Zombicide, you will know what this car is about.
If not, I hope you like the livery : )
Zombicide Mustang Nascar 01.jpg

Zombicide Mustang Nascar 07.jpg

Zombicide Mustang Nascar 08.jpg

Zombicide Mustang Nascar 09.jpg

Zombicide Mustang Nascar 11.jpg

Zombicide Mustang Nascar 12.jpg

Zombicide Mustang Nascar 13.jpg

Please do not modify, post files elsewhere, or post unaccredited pictures of any of my skins without permission.

I can add your name and number by request.

If you like my skins and want to support my work, please donate using the Paypal.me link at top of the page. Or Donate

Quick link to view my other liveries/skins;

Credit to Race Sim Studio for the car mod and template. Available here https://racesimstudio.com/

Credit to Noobiix007 for the Goodyear tires.
Credit to Desconocido for the on track screenshots.

Latest reviews

Once again a masterpiece.
Thank you. Comment muchly appreciated : )
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