WTCC 2016 - 2017 by SIMCO 1.41

SIMCO WTCC 2016-2017 rF2

  1. Imre Bende
    Downloads: 17834972_1398145803584777_4272636234195988936_o.jpg 17855049_1398145880251436_7090291720895103811_o.jpg 18216440_1422040924528598_1090766920104364906_o.jpg


    Original (with permission):
    Automobilista by Ulf

    Convert,remap, graphics: Emerico

    3D,remodelling: Sompir

    Physics: Emerico

    Textures: Emerico

    Camera: Emerico

    Sounds: Emerico

Recent Reviews

  1. Slash361
    Version: 1.41
    This mod is good but ...

    SERIOUSLY FIX THE HEADLIGHTS ! This bug is horrible !
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