Virginia 4.0

Virginia rFactor V4.0 by: Slider916/Cammel/BudLucas

  1. Rupe Wilson
    This is not my track and is for RD club racing use but feel free to use it.
    To install unpack to a folder and copy paste the Gamedata folder in to your main rf1 folder

    Virginia rFactor V4.0 by: Slider916/Cammel/BudLucas
    Thanks to Pain-less for the awesome loading screens and graphic tweaks.

    Most of all a HUGE thank you to Megahertz for his fine original NASCCAR Heat version from which this conversion was made.

    - Full working Start-/Pitlights
    - New created AIWs with 50 cars
    - Improved Textures
    - Standing/Rolling Starts

    Version 2.1 Fixes
    -Fixed problem with exiting garage tents
    -Added * to the track filter
    -brought the grid to 50 cars

    Version 3.0 Fixes
    -Haulers used with permission from Jason6787
    -Fixed the brakemarkers to not be collision objects
    -Added bump and spec mapping to the road

    Version 4.0 Fixes
    -Added the South Circuit
    -Deleted the grandstands and tents on North side of main straight
    -Changed the green guard rail texture
    -Raised horizon so it is seen on each circuit

    Have fun with this track,
    Slider916/Cammel/Bud Lucas
    virginia 2.jpg virginia 1.jpg
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