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Kemora 1.2

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uploaded to RD from our game server for club racing feel free to use,
this is not my track, please contact the author for any changes.

Kemora is a real life track located on small village called Veteli, about 70 km from Kokkola to east. This track is a conversion from GPL, (never released) that I have made from scratch.

Update in this version:

new aiw-file, some graphical updates, track length is now right


Extrack this zip to your GameData\Locations-folder.


Special thanks to Kemora´s director Jyri Ahonen for CAD-drawnings, Kampi Akseli for his support and testing, PeteS and Andys for they testing and comments and to all ASW:s forum and members who help me with this project.

Dave Noonan for his excellent tools and to all the community (ASW:s and RSC:s forum) very good tips with help me through this project.

Good racing:

10. 11. 2007

Jalo Viina
Added to this version (hopefully the last one), original layout made in 1983. The long
version was made in 1987. Total length is 2.723 km.

Note: In "Asfalttikunkku" layout is good to wait until pitlightout is green before you go out. If
you drive out with red light on, you could arrived xsector1 before the pitlightout is
green, then the fist timelap will not count.
Rupe Wilson
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