Falkenbergs Motorbana 1.0


  1. Rupe Wilson
    uploaded to RD from our game server for club racing feel free to use,
    this is not my track, please contact the author for any changes.

    Falkenbergs Motorbana for Rfactor version 1.0

    Date: 2007/10/5

    Thanks to Kimmo Kokkonen for allowing me to convert to Rfactor
    Thanks to Philrob for all his help and the tyrewall texture
    Thanks to James Burroughs for all his help in sorting some issues
    Thanks to ISI for the platform they created for us
    Thanks to Painless for the Loading screens

    Falkenbergs Motorbana for GTR2 version 1.4

    Date: 2007/08/19
    Author: Kimmo Kokkonen
    e-Mail: keni1@kolumbus.fi

    NOTE: if you have older version of Falkenberg GTR2 track installed, you should at first remove it. You also should remove old falkenberg.hat file from 'C:\GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT' folder!!!

    Converted to GTL/GRT2 by Kimmo Kokkonen. Original N2003 track by Adriano Augusto & CTR Team.


    1. Unzip Falkenberg_GTR2_1.4.zip
    2. Copy folder 'Falkenberg' to 'C:\GTR2\GameData\Locations\ folder.
    3. Start GTR2 game
    4. Enjoy!

    Information about the track
    Falkenberg track is a real race track located on the west coast of Sweden. Falkenberg is Sweden's fastest track, but despite that it hasn't got any really long straights. It was built in 1967 and is today mostly used for Swedish and Scandinavian touring cars, sports cars, Formula Ford, F3 and motorcycle races.

    Note! this Falkenberg GTR2 track converted from N2003 so this is little modified Nascar track. This is longer and wider than the real Falkenberg track but it's also much more fun feels like some asphalt Rally Cross track :)

    open practise and race weekend mode

    Thank's to:
    Uwe as derDumeklemmer (+ his beta testing team) for loading screen and beta testing.
    Adriano Augusto for N2003 version

    Thank's to all who helps me with this project!

    - starting & pit lights
    - rain reflection
    - night lights
    - animated marshalls
    - Spec & Bump Maps (tarmak, grass)

    What's new in 1.4??
    - fixed trk file (double Instances for track objects removed) -> more FPS



    Use these files at your own risk. I am not responsible of any kind of damage caused by using the files inside this Falkenberg_GTR2_1.4.zip

    (C) 2007 Kimmo Kokkonen
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