Barbagallo Raceway

Barbagallo Raceway 1.2

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Barbagallo Raceway V1.2 (RD Version) by Darren Blythe

This is a special Race Department version with RD branded flags to say thanks to Chris and Simon for their support.

Barbagallo Raceway at Wanneroo is Western Australia's only permanent racing circuit and has been operated continuously since 1969. It is most recognized for it's place on the V8 Supercar Calendar and it's short and fast layout coupled with some nice elevation changes make it exciting and fun to race.

Barbagallo is one of my favorite Aussie tracks so I started putting this together a few months ago. It started as a test project to help me get to grips with AC's modding possibilities but took on a life of it's own. It is scratch built from the ground up.

Over six months and 1000 hours later I'm proud to bring you the first release of this great little track for Assetto Corsa. The track is fully functional for SP and MP racing.

A huge amount of effort went into this project. I hope you enjoy it.

Please take the time to read the release notes included in the download.

Version History
V1.0 - First Public Release 25/11/2014

V1.1 - Update 26/11/2014

  • Multiplayer pitstop hotfix
  • Secondary pit road tagged as illegal to prevent cutting
  • Texture and mesh optimizations to help performance and stuttering
  • Cam file cleanup
  • Misc. small mesh fixes
V1.2 - Update 01/12/14
  • Two fantastic new camsets by norbs: TV2 and Kerbcams
  • Fixed sticky tyrewalls on pit straight
  • Optimized collision meshes
  • Minor mesh fixes
  • Dynamic groove tweaked
  • Version Number added to track description
Extract the barbagallo folder from the archive to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

If you enjoy this track please consider a small donation to my coffee fund. This will help keep me refueled through future developments. :)

Latest reviews

Top notch
Its not quite right. Front straight should be flat and the gradients look off
Coming from Perth, I have had quite a bit of experience with this track over the years IRL and once being a member of WASCC , amazing re-creation of the circuit and the facilities, great track, very technical translated to digital accurately.
Wonderful track, excellent virtual conversion. How do I make it work with RSR?
I'm from WA - have done a few ride bike days here - thanks great representation - but every time I have been there it has changed the road surface etc ..... keep the good work up!!!!
A simple but so cool race track ! Thank you !
This track is excelent. 5 stars!
The track looks awesome and incredibly fun to drive on....
But the AI keeps running into the pitlane in early laps for no reason, making the race completely unenjoyable...

Can you fix this in the next update (if you're still there)....?
Awesome track, really nice!
Thank you!
Home Track Awsome Thank You
Excellent track
nice work
Seems like I've had this track forever but never driven it. Shame on me - it's awesome!
Thanks very much indeed.
amazing track! thank you!
Awesome job mate. keep up the good work. Thanks
Always loved Barbagallo and this might be my favourite ever
My local circuit and a very good job done of it too. Highlights are the Vegemite hot air balloon and some hidden extra bits of tarmac around the place.

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