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Featured Tracks Virginia International Raceway 1.1

Scratch buit for AC by Darren Blythe, RIgel, Lilski and Arthur666

  1. release header.jpg After almost two years of work Virginia International Raceway has been released for Assetto Corsa thanks to the incredible scratch-built time and effort put forth by Darren Blythe, RIgel and Arthur666.

    Virginia International Raceway (commonly known as "VIR") is a road course located in Alton, Virginia. VIR hosts amateur and professional automobile and motorcycle events, driving schools, club days, and private test rentals. It is most famous for hosting the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship which takes place every August.

    The track itself has been painstakingly modeled from scratch using several sources of technical data, countless photographs, hours of video footage and real world feedback from drivers and racers.

    It contains all seven layouts: Full, Grand East, Grand West, North, South, Patriot & Patriot Reverse. All are fully functioning with AI. Each layout has it's own look and feel in accordance with real life. The 'Full' layout is 2016 race spec as you will see it in the Sportscar Championship/Oak Tree GP.

    VIR can be downloaded from our Modding Resource Centre right now! So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

    VIR1.jpg VIR2.jpg VIR3.jpg VIR4.jpg VIR5.jpg VIR6.jpg

    Have you driven VIR in Assetto Corsa? What are your impressions so far?
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  2. Thanks!!!!!!!
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  3. Woohoo!!!
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  5. Terra21


    ripper cheers darren!!
  6. Phew! What a ride. I feel exhausted. Have fun guys!
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  7. Just ran 6 laps in the Stingray, OMG! This is outstanding work!
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  8. I don't know what you guys are doing for living but the three of you should apply to Kunos, Reiza or some other sim-developer. At the moment I'm little tight on money but next month I will definitely buy you a beer or two via Paypal ;)
    Thanks for bringing this track to AC.
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  9. great job guys Thnx! i'll be testing this very shortly
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  10. Errr... :unsure:
    what's with all those exe's in zip file ?
    Can I safely delete them ?
    I got sweaty when looking at them. Feel like they stare at me. But maybe it's just me.
    Or is it ? :O_o:

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  11. Have you tried opening them? #justsayin :D
  12. Well, my AV block my pristine attempt. :whistling:

    Ok, I lie, it didn't. :p What is it ? Some inovative "button" for donation ?
    Just without button. And instead opted for about a half a dozen of exe's ? :ninja:
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  13. 10 lap race at full course and all I can say, what a masterpiece! The attention to details is mindblowing. There's just not enough superlatives to descripe this piece of art. Thank you so much to you all.

    That's freakin genious!! You guys are something else!
  14. after testing it i find two things, that id' like to suggest changing.
    -Track grip is too low why is it at 0.975? AC simulates very badly grip levels
    -shaders look a bit to dark i think a bit more ambient and difuse level would be better.
    All the rest looks fine
  15. Absolute awesome work. Stunning details overall. Great track with so many diffenent version. :thumbsup:
    But (maybe its me) I've have the "death road feeling" like at Donington :(
  16. Other than no oak tree at Oak Tree Corner (no fault of you guys) this track is amazing!
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  17. Virtual
    You should check out the exe files in the track folder who knows what you find.....:whistling:
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  18. Piotr


    Haha, but you have to find secret codewords to unlock those extras that you get by running exe files. :cool:
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  19. Thanks a lot to all involved. Really good track.

    I felt that the track felt a bit weird through the wheel assuming the mesh was a bit funny but it is probably down to the friction level mentioned by albert, i tried increasing it to 0.99 and it immediately felt a lot more normal. perhaps a combination of low friction and road mesh bump settings?

    Other than that, my only issue is with the ui tags, its carnage, all that is needed is:

    "tags" : ["circuit","usa"],
    "country": "U.S.A.",

    the unique tags like "virginia west" etc are completely pointless and make a mess of the UI :)
  20. I will look into all that later tonight; simply installed and started driving for now.