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TVR Griffith 200

TVR Griffith 200 1.1

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The story of the TVR Griffith is now stuff of legend. Supposedly, or so the story goes, North American racing driver and TVR USA importer Gerry Sagerman was having his personal race car, a MkIII Grantura, fettled in the workshop run by Jack Griffith at the same time as former TVR racer Mark Donohue was having his AC Cobra serviced there. Allegedly, Griffith’s mechanics swapped the engines “because they could” and although the transplant didn’t quite work, Griffith liked the idea and he then made it work with a fully engineered version. The original TVR Griffith was born.

Here we present both a race prepared Griffith 200 with a tuned 289 HiPo engine that has enough power to worry a competition Cobra and a base model road going car with a Ford 289 producing around 200HP.

Workshop Crew
Panel beater - pctm_00
Chief Mechanic - Abbo90
Paint Technician - Andy-R
Original sounds by Kunos Simulazioni

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File size
132.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.90 star(s) 42 ratings

Latest updates

  1. TVR Griffith 200 Update V1.1

    changelog v1.1 -fixed rimblur -fixed headlining texture -separated indicator and dash light...

Latest reviews

great! Tks for developing!
fun car to drive
Très joli voiture mais glisse trop dans les virage !.
I'm giving it 5 stars because the mod quality is very good. But I don't think I've driven anything with quite the amount of bad character this has. With ultra conservative diff settings I was able to put one decent lap in but it was frustrating. The most difficult part is that it's all fun and slidey but it's also impossible to correct oversteer in this, which is why I'd vote for some more forgiving tyre model. Haven't tried out different tyres yet, but probably will soon.
So funny to drive and a great sound.
Nice job.
A brilliant mod with some set up changes for classic cars on radial tyres.
Great mod thanks for sharing. To those who say it slides too much I recently and reluctantly sold my historic TVR Griffith albeit the later TVR manufactured version with the cam tail. I can assure you they slide like crazy on period tyres. The late Gerry Marshal campaigned one of these to great effect and I don't recall ever seeing that car pointing in a straight line. Happy days. One very minor critic tho it doesn't sound like a 289 small block, rather more like a Grantura. Excellent mod tho keep it up
Love it! Great classic car.
Overall I'm very much into this mod. @apex11 watch https://youtu.be/Pk4HQsYCL60?t=60 look at how those cars with vintage tires were cornering. Or this video is a hoax too?

Having said that though, i have few issues with understanding the weight transfer of the car. If i try to easy tap on brakes to move the weight to the front to induce a bit of tailhappiness - the car just locks the front and understeers right away. But once you gently accelerate every time, even in situation when the weight is properly balanced, and accelerating must straighten the car, the car becomes all over the place.
Very fun to drive! Thanks a lot
Beautiful and Excellent all around car. will done physics, 3D model, interior, exterior driving experience. I love it.
The car does very well. No downforce, hard compound tires, and a ton of HP. Who was it said that if he could spin the tires from one corner down the longest straight to the next corner, then he had enough horsepower? My cousin had a TVR for a while. Race cars, road cars, whatever had very little grip back in the day, also very little brakes.
It good, but again suffers from the "rubber doesn't grip" problem that afflicts sim racing. Madness to think that a car with rubber tyres on a dry track can't grip at 60 mph.... I can get my van to corner at 80mph without dying and killing kittens...
It is what it is. Just wish that people in sim racing could research rubber and grip rather than just assume that the point of racing cars is to not have grip...it is the exact opposite....
Many thanks for the update. This is amazing
Wing mirror is a lot better now. Not only for VR users, but also for triple screen users the old mirror was a bit sore on the eye...Thanks for improving this already great car. ;-)
Thanks dude
Superb, and a great addition to AC! Thank you for making this lovely little beast. It's so much fun to drive on so many different types of circuit. Really well done, very convincing and immersive.
Fantastic little beast!
One request if you update the car please - more polys on the wing mirror to make it 'rounder' and not so facetted. The wing mirror is something VR users are always checking up-close, so low-poly mirrors can look a little out of place.
Thanks! Love it.
I was impressed by the great quality mod!
It's fun just choosing which skin to run.
Such an absolutely great mod! Was having a blast sliding this thing around Nordschleife. Thank you for your work!
Thank you.
Love the handling.
Beautifully made car. Thanks to all involved.
Excellent classic racer with plenty of power, looks great, and no disappointing quality or construction problems like so many classic mods. Very Good.
Lovely little car, sublime to drive!
Thanks for this little racecar. Have tested the road version around Tsukuba and can say that it´s very fun to smash the car around the corners.

Also did a little video with the car around Tsukuba:



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