tvr griffith 200

  1. shadow118

    TVR Griffith 200 white livery 1.0

    Fellow RD member Griffith 200 400 asked if anyone could make a replica livery of his real life TVR Griffith 200 so I gave it a go The real car
  2. shadow118

    TVR Griffith 200 Red Bull 1.0

    TVR Griffith 200 Red Bull. I like putting modern liveries on classic cars. Feels a bit wrong, but I think it looks kinda good The livery is for this mod -
  3. pctm_00

    TVR Griffith 200 1.1

    The story of the TVR Griffith is now stuff of legend. Supposedly, or so the story goes, North American racing driver and TVR USA importer Gerry Sagerman was having his personal race car, a MkIII Grantura, fettled in the workshop run by Jack Griffith at the same time as former TVR racer Mark...