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classic race car

  1. Paintboxer

    Hillman Imp - SOVREN Sunbeam Race Car #392 1.1

    A fun Two-tone paint scheme for the Hillman Imp from the TC Legends pack. This is my first photoshop work of any kind, the skin is all my own and I'm happy so far with the result achieved. This was a personal goal to get something completed, working in game and uploaded to the community...
  2. pctm_00

    TVR Griffith 200 1.1

    The story of the TVR Griffith is now stuff of legend. Supposedly, or so the story goes, North American racing driver and TVR USA importer Gerry Sagerman was having his personal race car, a MkIII Grantura, fettled in the workshop run by Jack Griffith at the same time as former TVR racer Mark...