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Traffic Addon for Shutoko Revival Project Beta v0.9 0.92

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Here is my take on creating the traffic addon for Shutoko Revival Project track.
It is not perfect but if you like the idea of having almost the entire SRP track lightly populated with traffic, their behaviour is good enough for me to call it acceptable.

Important notes, install instructions and some other useful info are in the download.

It is very important to set your CSP "NEW AI BEHAVIOR" settings exactly like this.
Any other values in any of the options results in Ai spawning incorrect.
Ai Traffic SRP Settings.jpg
The exception is Min distance to ai slider. You can use values from 100 to 150.
100 makes ai cars spawn closer to each other.
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First release
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4.00 star(s) 31 ratings

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Latest reviews

followed instructions and mod worked just fine, haha fun mod also and adds another level of immersion. Great mod thanks to the makers :)
Unsure why people are complaining about installation, it couldn't have been easier. Mod works wonderfully and seriously completes this game for me. Thanks a ton.
works great, just took some fettling to get up and running. much more than the SRP pub servers
Im amazed by the amount of people giving low ratings while messing it up themselves. Following the instructions, i installed it for myself and 2 friends, never had any issues regarding the mod itself. if the game crashes because of wrong installation/modded cars not working etc. its not the fault of the mod, its your own fault. I would love some fine tuning of the splines and more lane switching/population on the Wangan (Right Lane is never occupied when all AI cars are driving the same speed). Otherwise this is one of the best things i have ever played! Highly recommend the Traffic Car Pack with realistic japanese trucks/taxis and more!
Does anyone know how to fix this error. Game keeps crashing just before loading in the traffic mod for v0.9. This is the error code

AC\carfakeshadow.cpp (216): CarFakeShadow::generateFakeShadow
AC\carfakeshadow.cpp (80): CarFakeShadow::CarFakeShadow
AC\caravatar.cpp (1756): CarAvatar::onPostLoad
AC\sim.cpp (2639): Sim::onPostLoad
AC\splashscreen.cpp (333): SplashScreen::postRender
AC\game.cpp (181): Game::onIdle
AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run
AC\acs.cpp (477): wWinMain
f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c (618): __tmainCRTStartup
I've use this Mod daily any never had any issue with it. I do have content manager. The Mod itself includes the line the the AI uses to run on the track. You still need to physically add the cars yourself for the mod to work. If you're using content manager:

Drive>Single>Track Day>Press the "+" on the opponents tray and select the cars you want to have on the map. Once you get all the cars in, run the map using the Shibauru PA traffic Map, or the Tatsumi PA traffic map. It will indicate 10 minute load time. Once you have all the cars selected for your opponents, you should be able to run the game with AI now.

Hopefully this helped with people having issues. This mod is great and definitely works once you've done everything right.
It loads at least but no traffic, what do you have to do to get traffic? If I use Hotlap, then most of the cars just sit in the middle of the road doing nothing.
Doesn't work. No ai after 10 mins of loading into the map.
Does not work, would not recomend
I pasted content to correct folder but I have error shuto_revival_project_beta: TRACK NOT FOUND
from Japan.
Exquisite and exactly the same, the best.
You can also jump at Kasumigaseki.
Great Job
The mod looks excellent, but unfortunately does not seem to work. Is there a setting I need to enable to make the traffic spawn? I see other people are having the same issue and would love if this can be resolved.
I waited 10 minutes of loading and the AI cars never showed up, do i have to do anything for the traffic to come up?
the AI never loaded for me, ive tried everything
The mods idea is great, but there is no regular car traffic on the road! Any updates?
Great mod, I bought AC just to play this.
pretty good but sometimes the AI will just start spawning stationary. Not sure if this is cause i set it up wrong or what
Nice job men