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Traffic Addon for Shutoko Revival Project Beta v0.9 0.92

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Here is my take on creating the traffic addon for Shutoko Revival Project track.
It is not perfect but if you like the idea of having almost the entire SRP track lightly populated with traffic, their behaviour is good enough for me to call it acceptable.

Important notes, install instructions and some other useful info are in the download.

It is very important to set your CSP "NEW AI BEHAVIOR" settings exactly like this.
Any other values in any of the options results in Ai spawning incorrect.
Ai Traffic SRP Settings.jpg
The exception is Min distance to ai slider. You can use values from 100 to 150.
100 makes ai cars spawn closer to each other.

Latest updates

  1. Traffic Addon v092 for Shutoko Revival Project Beta v0.9

    -Added new fast_lane.ai to Shibaura PA Traffic layout. It is different from previous. The old...
  2. Traffic Addon v091 for Shutoko Revival Project Beta v0.9

    Repacked to add traffic in dedicated layouts. Choose between SRP - Shibaura PA Traffic and SRP -...

Latest reviews

Great mod. It takes about 10 minutes to load depending on how powerful your PC is. I recommend downloading a few traffic vehicles like trucks, motorbikes and vans.

I had the dreaded AC spline error that a few reviewers mentioned. This is how I fixed the AC spline error on my computer.

1. Go to steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta
2. Open the shibaura_pa folder and copy all files except the "ai" folder
3. Go to steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta\shibaura_pa_traffic
4. Paste all the copied files
5. Go to steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta
6. Open models_shibaura_pa.ini
7. Copy all contents of the ini file
8. Open models_shibaura_pa_traffic.ini
9. Paste all the contents into the traffic ini file and save
10. Open Assetto Corsa and drive

How to fix AC Spline error for track Tatsumi PA

1. Fix the Shibaura map first and load it for the first time
2. Go to steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta\shibaura_pa_traffic\ai
3. Copy fast_lane.ai, fast_lane_payloads.bin and pit_lane.ai
4. Go to steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\shuto_revival_project_beta\tatsumi_pa_traffic\ai
5. Paste all the copied files and overwrite
6. Open Assetto Corsa and drive
Finally I solved the problem
Maybe I didn’t install a traffic car before
Finally, the number of A.I is consistent with the car setting and it succeeds.

Watched the tutorial 7 times over, checked every setting reinstalled everything 3 times over, checked my version CM and CSP and nothing works! NOTHING! Every step followed every precaution taken and all i get is "Ai spline broken" and "Reverb node not found" WHATS A SPLINE? WHATS A REVERB NODE!
doesnt work for me. one says AI spline might be missing or broken.
the other said something about a node missing.
Ok, here's the problem: it doesn't work. The first track said that an AI Spline is missing, and the second track said that Reverb Node does not exist. Please fix this issue immediately.
The traffic is on the add on folder on the discord
Loved the mod, but should be updated for the new version.
Thank you
I absolutely love this mod, please update it for 0.9.1 !!
Five stars don't do it justice. Thank you!
Doesn't work on the last update. :(
Very fun mod and worked well prior to the recent SRP v0.9.1 release on March 30, 2021. Hoping for an update soon!
there is an error whilst trying to launch the map
ive tried twice now and havent found a solution to the problem
this is poor and in my opinion has to be fixed asap,
if there is a solution, may i please be informed,
Thank you
Undoubtedly outstanding work as a track. Most of it is straight and without AI it is too long. Beautiful track, but a bit boring.
Unfortunately AI does not work.
SRP works for me only in PRACTICE as track but without AI and I can drive my car but does not work with AI in any of these CSP versions
1.73 Unespected error. Car is in track but does not start and steering wheel does not turn. Game crashed. AI spline might be missing or broken
1.72 Unespected error . Car is in track but does not start and steering wheel does not turn. Game crashed. AI spline might be missing or broken
1.71 Unespected error. Car is in track but does not start and steering wheel does not turn. Game crashed. AI spline might be missing or broken
1.69 Unespected error. Car is in track but does not start and steering wheel does not turn. Game crashed. AI spline might be missing or broken
1.68 Unespected error.
Why i have this error? help please
ERROR: Reverb node does not exist:AC_REVERB_25
Could spend weeks on this if i had a wheel
Excellent mod, gives a more immersive feeling, unfortunate that this mod does not work with the newly released version v0.9.1.. I love this addon so much that I'm sticking with the current version until there is a new traffic mod for v0.9.1... hope to see an update soon...
This traffic mod is awesome! However the SRP beta project just updated to version 0.9.1 meaning they added new routes to take. I had to delete the previous 0.9.0 version in which the traffic mod was working and now I don't see the traffic layout options with the new SRP version. Will you be updating the traffic mod soon? Should I just re-installed the previous SRP version in the meantime? Thank you!

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